Unsurpassable Worth

Child looking at the camera.

This post has been simmering away in my head and heart for a long time now.

I’ve been saying I was going to put it together for the last three weeks – or, to be honest, the last YEAR, as the idea for a project like this first got me all excited and riled up long before this moment – but here I am at 4:32pm on my last possible day deadline and the studio is clean and our living room furniture has been re-arranged three times and I’m very caught up on Facebook and email – annnnd I have exactly zero words written down.

Pretty sure I am the personification of The Resistance right now.

The Resistance =  the more important the work, the more vulnerable and core to our souls it is, the harder it is to actually sit down and do it.

Children eating at a table.

Woman holding a child smiling at camera.

Little girl wearing sunglasses.

Here’s the deal: today I’m asking you to step into uncharted Pinch of Yum territory with me. Today I’m taking you to a place that is one hundred million times more important to me than Lentil Curry and Spring Roll Bowls but its a place that has never really had a for-sure, real, tangible home here on Pinch of Yum.

This place is on a breathtakingly beautiful (and hot – SO SO HOT) island in the Philippines, up a bumpy gravel road nestled between the tropical mountains of Cebu, and it is and orphanage that is home to 80-some children. It’s called The Children’s Shelter of Cebu.

It is my deepest honor today to be taking you to this place. In taking you there, I’m also doing something that I hope will make my heart a little braver and will make you braver, too –> I’m showing up, doing work that I think matters, letting myself and what I care about be seen, and embracing the vulnerable reality of asking you to be a part of something LIFE SAVING and LIFE GIVING with me.

Young boy smiling at camera wearing a blue shirt.Woman with glasses holding a baby smiling at camera.

Little girl smiling at camera.


How It All Started

February 2012: Bjork and I were 24 years old, living in a suburb of Minneapolis, working jobs that we liked, and we had just booked two round-trip tickets to the Philippines.



Man and woman holding plane tickets.

We thought it would be “fun” to take advantage of our summer break to go visit this precious place that my siblings called home for more than half of their lives before they were adopted seven years ago. Two week trip = booked.

March 2012: I was driving home after parent-teacher conferences. It was late, the road was dark and empty, and my cell phone rang. I picked up and Bjork said: “LINDS. THEY JUST ASKED US TO MOVE TO THE PHILIPPINES FOR A YEAR.”


June 2012: Cars: SOLD. Jobs: QUIT. Bjork and Lindsay: on a one-way flight to the Philippines.*

*fights, anxiety takeovers, cry fests, and generally OMG moments in between shall go unmentioned

I was working at the orphanage as a teacher, and Pinch of Yum was already in its early existence when we left, so we took it with us and did our best to keep it alive abroad. And strangely enough, it continued to grow even with limited access to familiar ingredients and fast internet, and it was during that year that I first even entertained the idea of doing the blog full time. Full circle, right?

We lived there for a year, worked at the orphanage, did our blog thing on the side, and came back home to Minnesota.


Young girl with headband smiling at camera.

Young boys hugging and looking at camera.

Young girl wearing a teal shirt.

Which leads me to the part you probably don’t know:

That year in the Philippines?


Not hard in the emoji with a smile and a sweat bead on the forehead hard.

Hard in the “I don’t know if I’m going to make it through this in one piece because I’m in such a dark place” hard. For so many different reasons that don’t really matter now.

Junk as a home.It was just a really low, hard time in my life.

I wanted it to work so badly, I did. I saw both Filipino and American people around me living out what they valued so vibrantly even amidst the chaos and challenge of poverty and life in a developing country, and I was so inspired. I wanted to be this kind of person. But I was brought down to size by the reality that I might not be cut out for this kind of work. What I thought I was good at? How I envisioned this all playing out? Maybe not so much.

You guys, these are the things that I’m still working through. I’m still struggling with the fact that we’ve come back, and I’m living this life doing this thing that I love that is a lot of work and superbusy and fast-paced… but is generally very comfortable. I love what we do and it energizes me and keeps me up at night with ideas and inspiration, and at the same time, I’m still (three years later) feeling this tug towards the Philippines and the orphanage and orphan care and everything that it all represents, even though, in so many ways, living there and working there felt like all kinds of wrong for us.

If you read those posts while we lived there and felt that negativity and wondered if this was really just such a difficult place, I owe you one hundred apologies.

Because even though I still haven’t worked it all out yet, all that hard stuff? It’s not the full story.

And I owe you the full story.

There was an infinitely sweet, rich, divine and life-changing side to the struggle. If I had to sum it all up into a most-important-thing sentence, I’d say this:

We saw work that was LITERALLY SAVING LIVES.

Woman holding a child on a road.


Not in the cutesy literal way. In the LITERALLY literal way of putting food in babies’ mouths who would have otherwise not had anything to eat. Literally as in taking kids to the hospital who would die without treatment. Literally as in offering hope and healing and counseling to children and teenagers who had been victims of abuse.

This place? The people who I know personally, who I have seen doing this work? This is the Children’s Shelter of Cebu.

The Children’s Shelter of Cebu is an orphanage where a small group of American staff work alongside Filipino house parents, aunties, security guards, drivers, counselors, teachers, and nurses to care for children who are without homes and without families.

They exist to ascribe unsurpassable worth to children who are otherwise malnourished, abused, and unwanted.

Little boy in a crib.

Woman reading a book to two young children.

Two young boys smiling at camera.


So I’ll BRB my eyes have sweat water in them or something bc I cannot handle the weight, the power, the truth in that phrase: ascribe. unsurpassable. worth.

Woman holding young boy.

Little girl sitting at a table smiling.

Woman holding two small girls.

ASCRIBE UNSURPASSABLE WORTH looks like kids playing in an safe oasis of a yard, climbing on playgrounds and running in green grass and being reminded to wear shoes and helmets and hey! quit running around near the toddlers with a sharp stick, you little bugger! all inside the walls of a 24/7 guarded compound.

ASCRIBE UNSURPASSABLE WORTH sounds like crickets and the night breeze blowing through the windows as babies nestle into their cribs with blankets and kids stir in their beds and the aunties softly sing Cebuano lullabies to the kids when they wake up afraid and confused and crying.

ASCRIBE UNSURPASSABLE WORTH feels like grueling hours spent in a hot, hot, hot (think of the hottest possible place you can think of and then multiply it by 100 – this special feeling brought to you by the Philippines!) hot kitchen making nutritious, clean, nourishing food for those tiny hungry bellies.

Multiple children and adults sitting at a kitchen table.

Woman feeding disabled man.

Man smiling with three young children.

Fast Forward To Today

March 2016: We’ve been home in Minnesota now for almost three years, but this month we had the honor of going back to the Philippines and doing some photo and video work for the Children’s Shelter of Cebu. Joy of joy of joys. I feel like I won the lottery to be able to step so intimately into an organization and basically use photos, videos, and now this weird little food blog to SHOW OFF the amazing things that these everyday heroes are doing. It was stirring and energizing and strangely peaceful and it felt like one good, deep, long, slow breath.

On the very last day that we were at the shelter – except not just the last day, it was literally the last 15 minutes of our time at the shelter (this 11th hour theme is going strong, right?), we heard Marlys, the founder of the orphanage, calling across the yard to us that there were two new babies about to arrive.

Babies. About to arrive. Because from this day on, until their forever family came to take them home, they would have a new soft place to land: in the arms of the aunties and house parents at the shelter.

I was immediately feeling everything about the whole situation. (<- hi my life as a Feeler.)

Truly, there can be no moment more surreal, more earth-shattering than literally watching the trajectory of a tiny human’s life change forever.

It feels on-level with what I imagine it’s like to watch a birth. It’s the most meaningful and impactful of any possible life moment playing in real time, happening right in front of your eyes, and there is such a clear BEFORE, and such a clear AFTER, and it all seems like it should be so straightforward and measurable, and yet you know so confidently in your core that you are watching something MORE than what’s straightforward and measurable. In those heavy seconds you are witnessing something that your eyes can’t literally see but your heart senses on a higher, almost spiritual level. It’s like watching the world split wide open.

Even in this moment after its all said and done, I still cannot fathom the weight, the gravity, the joy and heartbreak and hope all packed into those few quick blinks between the two phrases – WE’RE GETTING TWO NEW BABIES and THEY’RE HERE.

Bjork was in the middle of something when we heard the news called across the yard (middle of something = drowning in a crowd of 20-some kids in a piggy back marathon), so he motioned for me to try to get some video of the babies coming in for a video project we were working on.

I grabbed the camera, ran over to the driveway where the van would come in, set up off to the side with my camera, wiped the sweat off my palms / tried to stop shaking, and turned the camera on.

The van honked at the front like it always does, and the guards opened the gate. It pulled in, the van doors opened, and the world took a deep breath in and just hung there for a few seconds. And then, with a gentle exhale, it happened:

The first social worker stepped out with a wide-awake and chubby little boy nestled in her arms, cooing and smiling and looking around wide-eyed, and the second social worker stepped out with one arm holding a frail baby girl, and one arm wrapped tenderly around the girl’s mother — a 14-year-old girl who we learned was a victim of sexual assault. Precious lives of unsurpassable worth, altogether fracturing and healing and changing right in the middle of this driveway on a Tuesday afternoon as the other kids continued to play, birds continued to chirp, and the sun continued to beat down on all of us forever (God bless the people of the Philippines). Together all five of them slowly made their way up the walk to the medical wing at the shelter with a small posse of aunties, staff, nurses, and curious kids trailing at a respectful distance.

As they prepared to bathe and feed the babies before their medical evaluation, I stood there with the social workers inside the infirmary. I was totally out of place, awkwardly holding the video camera in the back corner and trying to maintain dry eyes as I watched the social workers care so tenderly for the babies and the mother. All in a day’s work. So really, what I mean by that is watching the manifestation of LOVE AT WORK and LIVES LITERALLY BEING CHANGED right in front of my eyes.

It was hope materialized in the form of gentle hugs and kisses, a bath, clean clothes, and an eagerly accepted bottle.

Woman feeding a baby a bottle.

And here’s the thing: I’m maybe a little dramatic sometimes, but I know it for a fact because I lived here for a full year and I’m most definitely not being dramatic now: this is what it’s like here every single day. Life-changing love work is being done around the clock. 24/7/365. It was like this when I lived there, and it STILL is now.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

That story I just told you?

We’re going to make it happen 20 MORE TIMES.

We don’t know who these future 20 small souls are yet – they have yet to arrive at the gates of the shelter. Can’t you just picture them? Girls, boys, more babies, toddlers, school-aged kids, and even teenagers – we don’t know. But we know that we are going to hold space for that hope to be offered 20 more times – because that’s the number of new kid referrals that CSC expects to get between now and the end of the year, and because when all the recipes have been pinned, when all the comments have been left, and all the noodles have been slurped – THIS is what we are about. I just feel so strongly that I’m not alone in this. Are you with me?

So how do we this, exactly? We’re going to PAY FOR THE FOOD that will feed these 20 new kids.

In the village that it takes to care for these abandoned children, we have a role, and that role is FOOD-BRINGERS.

Fish in a bowl with a spatula.

Although if it was up to me, I’d probably pick food other than little fishies with eyeballs still in them, but whatever. Details.

Young girl in a high chair.Young child being fed.

Young boy eating at a table.

The Numbers

Between now and December 2016, an estimated 20 more kids will be welcomed into the shelter. The cost of the nutritious food for each of these kids per year is about $1,000.

20 kids x $1,000 of nutritious food = $20,000

In 5 days.

Can I just be really upfront with you for a second?

A) If you’re not in this with us, it doesn’t work. Just to state the obvious and scary. It really doesn’t work without you.

B) We (CSC, Bjork, and I) talked at great length about how we would be more likely to get better engagement with this post, with your giving, if we tackled a specific, above-and-beyond special project. Think: building a playground. adding on to the school. buying more beds.

We said: People want to be able to give to something that they can see completed. People like the sparkly projects.

But then we said: There is no sparkly project need right now. The greatest need is the most basic and humble and unsparkly.

And finally I said: Our people have Big Love Hearts and they don’t need sparkly things to feel like they matter in this story.

Woman filling a pan with food to serve.Two women with three young children.

The buildings are already there.

The playground is in good condition.

The bunk beds and cribs are ready.

The aunties and house parents and counselors and social workers and nurses – everyone is standing ready, waiting with open arms, so prepared to ascribe unsurpassable worth to these new little ones that will come through the gates in 2016.

So what is it then?

Fish in a strainer.

It’s rice.

It’s milk. It’s clean water. It’s fresh fruit and vegetables and fish for dinner, and spaghetti with fried chicken for birthday parties. It’s vitamin-enriched formula and special allergy-sensitive alternatives for the littles who need it.

So this is our moment: we’re going to feed the 20 new kids that come in to the shelter this year.

It’s less glamorous than the add-on to the school or the new beds for the houses, for sure. That would be a really awesome Someday Project, wouldn’t it? But at this moment in time, glamorous is not a need. I’m withholding my urge to use the nail painting emoji at this moment in time not appropriate not appropriate not appropriate.

This – good, nutritious, readily available food – this is the truest need. Starting RIGHT NOW, today.

    1. All donations go directly to The Children’s Shelter of Cebuwhich is an official 501(c)3, so every penny of your donation is tax deductible.
    2. This is a partnership, and we recognize our role in the partnership. So when you show up, we – Bjork, me, Sage, Pinch of Yum – show up right there with you. We will match $1 for every $5 donated up to the goal amount.
    3. Any size donation matters. We value the $10 donations as much as the $100 ones because it reflects TEAM AWESOMENESS. We can’t do it without you!
    4. We only support organizations with the highest standards of donation stewardship. The Children’s Shelter of Cebu is in the rare top 9% of organizations that have received the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator.


GOAL: $20,000 In 5 Days

***Update: STOP IT. (But don’t ever stop!!!) You are amazing souls. You are epically epic. YOU MET THIS GOAL IN 10 HOURS. This was a tiny baby goal for you. I cannot even with your big hearts. My friends are texting me, telling me “THE PINCH OF YUM READERS ARE AMAZING.” 

We aren’t stopping here. No, this food love train has not even come close to leaving the station.

Your amazing hearts are proof that OUR TABLE HAS ROOM FOR MORE.

Any money donated above and beyond our goal goes to the exact same place for the exact same thing. More kids, more food, more love. And there is no limit on this love, because we ASCRIBE UNSURPASSABLE WORTH to these little ones. There is still important work to be done and we want you on our team.


  1. Click here. *The fundraiser is now closed, but you can donate directly to Children’s Shelter of Cebu here.
  2. Select a donation amount.
  3. Fill in your info.
  4. Envision the face of the future baby or teenager or toddler that you just opened your arms to with that meal. ♡ Envision their bright, loved and cherished future. You are a food-bringer and a beloved part of this team.


Share this post. Share share share share share. Share this post with the people you know who will care about it, because I know you know these kinds of people.

Facebook, email, text, other modern ways of communicating… I don’t know. You guys are probably a little savvier than me about these things.

But don’t snail mail, and don’t wait, because five days goes fast.


  1. Think of someone who you consider a HERO. The person who has opened doors of hospitality for you and filled your plate (literally / figuratively) with good, nutritious food. The one who has shown you radical love when you needed it most. The one that saved your life. Or, maybe not so flashy. Maybe just the one who has been an everyday hero of generosity by sharing meals when you’ve gone through a hard time. The one who asks meaningful questions and sends you random encouraging calls and texts. Got that person in mind?
  2. Give your donation in honor of her. When you donate, leave a comment on CrowdRise with her name and a quick snippet explaining her awesomeness on your donation form, and we will come back to this post and add her shout-out to our Very Official Hero Roster at the end of this post.
  3. Send her the post to let her know that she’s a hero, because sometimes heroes don’t know they’re heroes and that kind of thing can be super encouraging to hear. Or share on Facebook and tag her so THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS. Mwahahaha! Can’t hide anymore, Hero Girl.

*I used a HER as my example, but it could also be a HIM! I am confident that our list will include both.

This gap between what is deeply meaningful to me and what I actually do with my online presence has been poking at me for a slow, long, restless time. Sometimes I feel a little aimless with what I’m doing – it’s one of the best possible jobs on the planet to write a blog, and especially a blog about food, and yet still sometimes it feels a little hollow. Chicken wild rice soup can only fill your soul up so far, you know?

With that, I have a big feeling that you feel the same yearning that I do – that we can do more with our lives than talk about Lentil Curry (LOVE IT) and Spring Roll Bowls (current obsession), even though those are also greatly delicious things that we shall never stray far from, forever and ever amen.

We can do more! 

The world is hurting hard, and children of unsurpassable worth are longing for families and shelter and food, but good news: we are the food-bringers and we are SHOWING UP.

5 days. Here goes.

And while you’re all showing up like the food-bringing heroes that you are over the next five days, you can know that I will definitely be doing more productive things than just hitting refresh on the page (LIES).

20 new kids, and a year’s worth of food for each of them – our food-loving community can do this.

My heart is full of hope.


*the Hero Roster will be updated every hour with names in the order they were received  (unless it’s between the hours of, say, 8pm – 8am when will our team will all be sleeping like little babies because you’ve kept us so busy all day with generous donations and tributes!!!! but rest assured, we shall resume this amazing hero roster-ing right away when we wake up!)

Mary Mork: For 30 years of meals for our family ♡ love you mom! – Lindsay

Grandpa Donn: For making me Sunday night malts and watching The Statler Brothers together. – Bjork

For my HERO Mary Younkin – Amanda Rettke

For my HERO Aimee Shugarman – Amanda Rettke

For my family. How am I so lucky to have you. – Becky Hardin

My HERO, John. You give from your heart always, no questions asked, just love. – Johnna

In Memory of my Mom, Joanne. – Sue

For My HERO Kristen. You *WoW* me with your work to fight hunger locally. – Johnna

Tribute to my sister, Rita, who is one of the most caring, helpful persons I know. – Laureen King

In honor of my hero, my mom, for keeping bellies happy, full, and nourished for decades and counting. – Mary Cressler

To my heroes, plural: Don and Leslie – no one has been there for me like them. Let’s strive to be a ‘hero’ to children all over the globe. – Trina Harris

For my mom: Thanks for eating mushrooms on our pizza all those years…even though you hated them and I loved them. You’re the best! – Leah Short

In memory of my parents, who had the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known. – Kalyn Denny

To my parents for always giving me unconditional love and confidence. And for my son who makes the world a better place by being in it. – Gretchen

This is for my mom, who is always finding a way to reach out to people. – Anonymous

Isabelle Nicolet: For being my constant support, and source of love. – Jessica N.

For Valerie Mills Daly. In memory of her gentle, unyielding commitment to feed the world with food and love. – Anonymous

In memory of Edna Shaffer whose table was open to all and whose food was as memorable as her hugs and endless love. – Anonymous

For my Aunt M.E. and all the lives she touched as a missionary and for my mom who is an everyday hero to all who have the privilege of knowing her. – Mary Younkin

This is a tribute to Cathy Shaffer who has literally given the coat off of her back and the food from her table to people who she didn’t know more times than I can count. – Anonymous

This is a tribute to the life of service Jim Daly has given to people. He sees their needs even if they don’t and will do whatever he can for them. – Anonymous

For everyone who has ever stepped in on my behalf. – Libby

In memory of Alice. – Anonymous

In memory of my grandmother, Annie, whose kitchen welcomed and fed everyone. – Anonymous

For the selfless people who give themselves to help others everyday. – Tori

For my parents, Don & Dorothy, incredible and incredibly missed, because mom lives so far away and dad is in heaven. – Dee Tackmier

In memory of my dad “Polock” who was an amazing example of loving others. – Jill Grasley

For my mom, who is Filipino and dedicated her life to making me who I am. – Jasmine S.

For my gramma Patricia, who gave me shelter from the storm and filled my belly when no one else could. – Ashlee Aleshire-Ash

In memory of my stepfather, who also saved lives. – Karen Rose

On behalf of my mom, who has always ascribed unsurpassable worth to us during even the hardest of times. – Mellissa Sevigny

For the kids. – Cassandra

For my group of heroes – the Le and Frey family – Love you all!! – Bao Le

In memory of my wonderful parents who would have loved to contribute to this wonderful cause. – Merle

In memory of Dr. Mayes, who taught me to always fight the good fight, and lead with my heart. – Anonymous

For my mom, Lenora, who continues to amaze and give and give and give. – Anonymous

In honor of my mom and dad for always putting food in our stomachs and love in our hearts, paying it forward! Love you both. – Angela

Lindsay Ostrom: In honor of your bravery. You inspire me with every email! – Allison

For the Pinch of Yum family – such special souls – Anne

For my wonderful mom. – Anonymous

For my family, who nourishes me – heart, soul and tummy. – Tracy

To honor the 20 + year friendship of Amanda and all the food we have created together. – Angela

In honor of my healthy and happy grandchildren. – Cindy Jewell

In honor of our daughter and her work with the homeless. – Kate

For my beautiful children who have no idea how lucky they are! – Kim Lee

My mom Judy: For being the one to show me that food is a way to say I love you. – Katelyn

To my mom and dad who gave me a family, a hope and a life of unconditional love and support. – KD

For my parents, Byron & Linda, who kept me fed (literally and spiritually) growing up, and still feed me now from time to time. – Anonymous

For all of the men and women who strive to make a different in other’s lives. To use their own time and energy to unselfishly help others in need, you are the true heroes. – Alyss Bernier

In memory of my mom, Tiz. – Annette

Honoring my three children who were always blessed with food. – Anonymous

In honor and loving memory of my forever hero, Jannie Lim. – Anonymous

For my mama… whose food has brought us together time and time again! – Sally

In memory of my parents who practice kindness to others throughout their lives. – Lillian

For my grandmother, who taught me to love food & people. – Keisha

This is to you Lindsay and Bjork, you are our Hero Rosters – for finding real purpose in this world and having the strength to make a difference. – Melody & Parham Nasseri

For the children and for Pinch of Yum for taking the risk. – Diane

To my best friend Gina, who feeds my heart and soul. – Anonymous

For my hero Easton – who is the bravest person I know. – Deborah

This is for Heather MacHenry – my best friends mom. She became the College Mom of my friend group – fed us delicious, homemade meals, visited us and did mom things when we needed mom things most, and provided so many full-belly laughs. We had no idea that she would go on to teach us everything there is to know about life (love, laughs, kindness and gratitude) through her battle with cancer. If these cute kiddos lived near her house – I promise their bellies would be full of delicious pasta. – Kayla Mueller

For my hero, my husband David, who worked 12+ hours a day when he was deployed in Afghanistan and still took time to raise and deliver hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies for a local school there. – Karissa Besaw

For Laura Pagano Nelson. – Kathy Nelson

In memory of my angel baby. I never got to meet you in this life, but I know we will meet one day in heaven. – Anonymous

In honor of my amazing son, Alex Chicilo, who has accomplished so much and is on the right path to do great things in our world…love you! – Dawn M. Van House

In memory of the baby I lost. – Christina

Thanks, mom, for being you. – Anonymous

For every encouraging hug, kitchen table talk, and now my best friend<3 Thank you for guiding me towards eternal things…you are the perfect mom for me. – Brittany

Donated in honor of Jesus Christ, who taught by example the importance feeding the hungry. – Julie

In tribute to my daughter Laura, who is the most selfless mom to her son, Paxton. – Janey

In honor of my babies, Reed and Harper, who have food everyday. – Anonymous

For my grandad who gave me my love of food and cooking. And who sacrificed everything for love. – Debs

To Lindsay and Bjork – total heroes. – Geraldine

For the children coming to CSC – may your lives be better, and your bellies full! <3 – Nichole Crews

In memory of William Gonzalez, who made the best Thanksgiving turkey, black beans and treated me to my first Cuban sandwich when I was 6. – R. Starr

For my mother, Susan McClelland, who always has a full table. – Hope Harris

For my HERO, my mom, who never let my belly be hungry and always has a warm hug when I need one. – Emily

I am so fortunate to have so many role models and generous spirits in my life, but Amy Barad, this donation’s in your honor — thank you for the work you’ve done and continue to do ascribing unsurpassable worth to the students of NOLA. xoxoxo – Remy Robert

In memory of my mother, Mary. She taught me all there is to know about compassion, strength and love. Miss her dearly. – Linda

For my mom who feeds up to 300 small mouths per day at her daycare. – Nikki

For my daughter, my hero, a teacher with passion who cheers every child on. – Kristin

For my family. I love you so much and am so lucky to have you. – Gillian

For anyone who is brave enough to make the world a better place. – Lauren

For my mom. – Stacey

For my dad, who taught me the gift of giving. – Julie

For our moms, who taught us that food is love! – Chris & Libby

In honor of my parents who provided me with so much, including the innate ability to give back when called upon. – Amelia Mieth

In memory of dear friends like Justine and Nick who are so missed. Lindsay & Bjork – you never cease to amaze us. I know you will meet and surpass your goal! – Anonymous

In honor of my mom who inspires me, encourages me and loves me. – Julia Jolliff

In honor of my husband, Tim, who is the most generous man I know! – Barb

My hero is my mom, Sue, who is always thinking of others, and who has fed us so many wonderful meals. – Jann Newton

In honor of my family and friends who take the time to make a difference in people’s lives. And to Bjork + Lindsay- great work! – Terry Dagrosa

For my Grandma Yvette, who has been feeding people for 80 years. – Abby

In memory of my mother, Mary. – Susan

For the smiling kid faces! – KJ

For my mom, Joyce Kamstra, who always kept us safe, fed, and loved. – Greg Kamstra

For mom: Even though you don’t LOVE to cook, for making about 18,615 meals for me, dad, and the sibs for all the years I was home. – Annie Fenn

For Geneva Cooper, who has always fed us and who taught me to love to feed others – Elizabeth Cooper

For my mother, Marcia Vreatt, who was an inspiration to countless students over her decades as a teacher, and is a role model for me in so many ways. – Jackie

In gratitude to my parents who are still going strong in their 80s, and inspire me every day. – Elise Bauer

For my grandpa and grandma. – Jacqueline

In memory of Amber, who loved food and who loved making Pinch of Yum’s recipes. – Audrey Conway

For my beautiful friend Emily C. whose selflessness in all that she does is an inspiration! – Cassie H.

For all the Earth Angels out there. – Kimberly W.

For my mother, who taught me everything I know about food. – Amanda

For all the little ones who are beyond value. – Kate

For my HERO Greg, because you want to do it all over again. – Zoe

To my mom, who has selflessly given every inch of her life to people in need. – Anna

For my Hero Mom, Theresa. – Shelley

Giving in honor of my parents and 2 sisters – who have constantly lifted me up when I couldn’t do so myself! -Katherine Regele

For my mom– you are the best friend and biggest hero a daughter could ever ask for. – Megan

Jan Sliva: For being the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. She is compassionate, she’s a fantastic nurse, and she’s one of the best people I know. Just being around her makes me want to be a better person. – Stefanie

For my grandad – who cares for everyone and STILL makes the best scones!! – Nicky Corbishley

Judy, who knew how to welcome people with good food. – Maggy

In honor of my mom, Marcia. A hero on so many levels! I love you! – Shana

For grandma – for showing me how to cook and always having enough food ready for the entire neighborhood, should they show up hungry. – Aryn

In honor of Kirby, my hero in so many ways! I love you more than I can say! – Shana

This is for my late mother, Maria, who came to the US from Angeles City <3 – Sharon

For always making sure we had food, shelter and unconditional love. I love you mom! – Kari

In memory of my first and only dog, Arnie. He gave love unconditionally and helped me survive depression in my early twenties. – Arnie Im

For my mom, for all the countless, delicious meals, made with love. – Nora

All the foster parents out there. – Anonymous

This is for my dearest mama, my everyday hero, who will absolutely love to see the smiles on these beautiful children. Mom, you inspire me every day with your humility and kindness, and your determination to convey love and respect to everyone who crosses your path. – Lee Anne

In memory of my parents who always had a plate of food ready for anyone at the door! – Susan Mole

To all people who are helping to make a child’s life better! – Kristine

In memory of my wonderful mom. – Carol

In honor of my grandma, Helen, who was a GOOD PERSON, like you! – Anonymous

To my parents for all your love and support and for ensuring that I never went a day in life wanting for anything. Thank you for being my superheroes. – Jessica

In memory of my Lolo – doctor and mayor of a small, but proud, town in Zambales. – Victoria

For Grandma Laura – world’s best cookie baker! – Michele P.

In memory of Florence Khattar, “The Duchess” a wonderful hostess and an amazing cook who introduced me to the wonders of Lebanese food. – Kim

For my wonderful children, Megan and Derek, who feed my soul every day, and in memory of my beautiful mother, Joanne, who patiently allowed me to shadow her in the kitchen. – Wendy S.

To honor my sister, Jerri, who has an enormous heart! – Ronna

To my one and only, Matt. Thank you for being there through it all. You always have a smile on your face and are ready with a hug when I need it most. The little things certainly add up and don’t go unnoticed. You’re amazing. Thank you for showing me how opening your heart can truly change a person for the better. I love you. – Lauren Shaber

For my husband Tim, because of his heart for orphans. – Anonymous

For my 3 sweet babies who showed me the meaning of love. – Kathleen Smith

For my daughter Dolly, who reminded me what it means to be human and that not every baby always has what they need. – Anonymous

Our family – who has supported and loved us on this amazing journey! – Erickson Wood Works

For my momma. The woman who taught me unsurpassable worth and allowed me to pass that along to my own littles. – Emily

Brad and Kirstin (daughter and son-in-law): our heroes for serving the under resourced of Cebu. – Steve and Val

For B&C, who have fed our hearts just as much as our bellies. You are such a gift to us- the best kind of family- and we love you to pieces. – Jamie S.

For my mom, for just…everything in the whole world. – Emily

In anticipation of my nephew Rune, who is waiting for his adoption to be finalized! – Kate P.

My mom, who adores little children and has adopted orphans. – Anonymous

We have been blessed with healthy nieces and nephews who don’t have to struggle for food or safety. May God bless these children in need. – Aunti Cece

To those I love, both here and there. – Anonymous

Immediate and extended family – as these kids wait for their immediate and are cared for so lovingly by their extended! – Dorao

In memory of our parents and siblings that are no longer with us. – David and Chery Ellringer

In memory of my parents…my dad taught my mom to cook and usually did the shopping, too. Thank you for sharing and nourishing always. – Nancy F.

In memory of my dad who fed many people in this world. – Anonymous

In memory of my mom and dad. You gave me an incredible life and I’m passing that along to these children.  – Wilma

My husband, Jay, who is so kind and giving to everyone. – Lise Ode

To Christina – For the scrambled eggs when most needed. – Leslie

My mother who fed everyone she could. – Anonymous

For my father, hoping for his recovery from cancer – Juliet

To my mum who are giving us so much love. Je t’adore ma mounette. – Martine and Jean-Marc

Hero: Gretchen is a soul feeding and children feeding wife. – Dan

To all the children in orphanages…love you! – Ilda J. Silva

To Lindsay Ostrom for helping feed children. – Tracy

Dedicated to my sister, Jackie, on the eve of her birthday. – Lauren

In tribute to all who give selflessly of themselves to help those in need. – Karen R.

With love for my grandmother, the original Martha Stewart. – Kristen

In memory of my father, who loved me from the day I was born, and who passed away this week. – Andrea

In honor of all of the heroes who do the hard, messy, never-ending yet life changing work of caring for others. Thank you for spreading the light and love of God to those in your care. – Adrienne Brady

My mom – for 27 years of amazing food! – Sarah

In memory of my Granny Franny who knew the power of food in showing love. – Nakita

In memory of David, who couldn’t make his dream come true. – Rebeca

In honour of my incredible friend Michelle who’s heart shines radiantly and who inspires me to be a better person every day. – Tracey

In honor of my mother, my hero. – Rosemary

In memory of our son who will always be in our hearts. – The Ten Broeck Family

To my mom who taught me to appreciate great food! – Debi

My mother! Always there exactly when I need her!! – Christie Campbell

What a worthy cause! In memory of my late husband Ron. – Sharon

Dedicated to Lindsay & Bjork, for being an inspiration on every level. You both inspire me to do & be better. – Jessica Noel

In honor of Deb Molano for her courage, faith, and giving heart. – Janie

For mom, my hero- who loved to show love with food. You are the most awesome food bringer I know. – Makala Hanson

For Lindsay and Bjork…for being the people you are. – Anonymous

For my family who has always made coming to the dinner table the favorite part of my day – no matter what I’m serving. – Cheryl

To my wonderfully generous parents. – Anonymous

In honor of my sisters who feed their families and our with their dedication, love, and generosity. Love you: Terry, Lisa, and Robin! – Casey Threatte

In memory of my son, Roger. – Anonymous

In memory of my father who would go out of his way to help many. – Anonymous

For my parents, who taught me everything good. – Linda

My mum, Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. – Anonymous

For my parents who made sure we never went hungry. – Anonymous

For the beautiful children of Cebu. – Anonymous

For all of those brave children deserving of love and a better life. This is for you X. – Karina Carrel

This is a tribute to Martha Lau. A women who brought many people to her table and loved them. – Sarah

In memory of Lisa. – Robin, Phillip, Jack and Evelyn

In tribute to Craig, whose selfless service is such an inspiration! – Betty

For those who selflessly give to better the lives of others. – The Hoskins Family

In memory of my mom because I would not be who I am today without her. – Keri

For our dear Janet, who gave everything – we’ll see you in heaven someday, girl! – Larry and Donalyn Ketchum

In honor of Paul and Marlys Healy. Also, in honor of all of our Cambridge friends that have adopted kids from CSC. – The Wolcyn Family

In memory of my mom, Shona, who was full of compassion and love and always thinking of others. She will always be in our hearts. – Anonymous

In honor of those who struggle to feed their families. – Dee

To our parents – for caring for us, loving us and raising us to know and love Jesus. – The Wise Family

My loving mother, Sue Bullington. – Kirsten Joy Blank

For my mom who taught me how to cook and the importance of family dinners. – Anonymous

In honor of my parents and my own heroes, Judith and George. – Leah

In honor of Charito, our Filipino housekeeper/nanny, who has been helping me feed our family for almost 10 years. – Beth McNicholas

In honor of Angeline. – Hilary

In honor of Aspen and Bentley who inspire me and make the world a better place. – Lisa

For so many heroes who prefer to be anonymous. – Anonymous

In memory of my mom, my inspiration in the kitchen and an example of courage. – Anonymous

For my mom who taught me to love the kids without families. – Gail Romine

In memory of our moms and in tribute to our daughters. – Joe and MaryJo

In honor of my Dad who donated his kidney to my Grandpa, helping give us all so many more years of memories with him. Selflessness is underrated. “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou – Jenn

For Lindsay and Bjork. Go you good things. – Rosina

For my mom, who taught me that about selfless love, the importance of family, and how to make amazing chocolate chip cookies. – Katie

This is for the workers of CSC who give so much every day. – Anonymous

May God richly bless you both and the children you’re helping! Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do. – Blair A.

To everyone in the world who nurtured, loved and cared for ANYONE else. – T.R.

In honor of my parents, Duane & Wendy Jones, for welcoming those needing home into theirs and for doing the real & relentless work of loving us into one big, crazy family. – Hilary

To Terri and Bob Akers for always stepping in during the hard times, for guiding us and for showing us through example what hard work and true love can overcome. – Mike and Brittany Akers

In tribute to my sweet, ever-giving, always encouraging parents! – Joanna

For my grandma, Shirley Schafer, and in memory of my grandpa, Herman Schafer, who welcomed anyone into their home for a warm, home-cooked meal. – Chelsea Simdorn

From full hearts to full bellies – Heather and Amit

In honor of my mom. Miss your cooking so much! Wish we could be together in the kitchen again. – Betty Chaffee

To my sister, Jamie who let me know it was okay that I wasn’t okay. – Darcy and Tyler

In memory of Grandma Rose, who always fed me. – Anonymous

In honor of the houseparents and cooks at CSC who pour so much love into every meal. – Theresa Buley

In memory of my mommy who fed me much more than food for the 12 years she blessed my life. – Owen and Shawna Fraser

For all the wonderful meals we have discovered on Pinch of Yum. – Val

In honor of my mother, who not only fed (feeds!) me but who also nourishes my soul. – Kimberly Clark

Because my children have a warm bed and plenty of food…and so many do not. – BrownThumbMama

Just Because. I care. – Danielle Doll

In memory of my dad and my grandpa lorin who I named my 2 beautiful kids after. Thank you Lindsay and bjork for being amazing people god bless! – Julie Flom

For the selfless workers who contribute to a greater world. – Anonymous

Thank you, Lindsay and Bjork, for the nourishment. On many levels. – Suzanne J

In Honor of Grace Clark’s Extra Special Birthday- An Extraordinary Friend! – Mary Jane Meadows

For Frances Pisarek Coopersmith who never let us leave a meal at her house without also taking bag of groceries from her own pantry. – Anonymous

I have a lot of heroes in my life, but in this situation three spring readily to mind. This donation is one small way of “paying it forward”. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my father, Ed Ruddy, for teaching me so many things including howvtompick myself up when I fall; and my ” second” parents, Steve and Mary Esther, for giving me a hole to fall in when I had none and welcoming me into their hearts for all these years. I wouldn’t be the person I am, where I am without them. Thank you. – Lydia Ruddy

In honor of the Bonnett Family – Todd Maas

To my Mama Bear, my Hero, for filling up our tummy’s and reminding us every day of our unsurpassable worth as little people growing in this world. xxx  – Perri

To honor our own children and grandchildren. You are all gifts from the Lord and I adore each one of you. – Marcia Carlson

For all the wonderful people, who smile even though disadvantaged and desperately poor; to the wonderful people of the Philippines and Cebu. – Rear Admiral USN (RET) Bob and his Wife

For my grandma, Rita Maschin, who took me to the library sale and dug and dug through cookbooks until we stuffed our bags and hearts – each so full we could barely carry them home. – Rita

To my mother and father, who adopted me from the Philippines when I was born and brought me to the United States. My birth mother was a poor villager who did not have the means to care for me. God gave me a chance at life. And so is Cebu shelter, giving these children a chance at life they might not otherwise have. – MaryRose

For the workers at CSC who give their all despite not having much. – Celina

For my hero, my mom, Edith, who has been there every step of the way for me. I couldn’t have the wonderful life I have right now without her. – Sara Letsch

To Lisa – for her wonderful time she spent delivering babies in a small clinic in the Philippines and the love she has or the people, and her hearts desire to return. – Maria

In memory of my grandmother who always made sacrifices for the good of her grandchildren. – Anonymous

In memory of Maga, who fed everyone with a smile, and taught us so much about love, gratitude, and selfless service. Miss her and her apple pie and cinnamon rolls. – Christine

In memory of my mother, whose gentle spirit and giving nature lives on within those who she touches. – Amy

In memory of Adele and all her wonderful waffles she made for us. – Joanna Walz

For my mom, Janie Penn, who is the most generous person I know! – Becky Winkler

My daughter, Lindsay Hoeft Abong, and her husband Marwin Abong, who are working at CSC every day. – Pat Hoeft

To my parents, Warren and Marie Hagfors, who have been intimately involved with CSC since 1984 and who introduced us to this wonderful mission. – Patricia Hoeft

Dear friend Joleen! I want to honor you because truly you are a hero! You show me how to chose live even when things are hard and ugly in your life! – Mel

In memory of my wonderful mother who was the most selfless person I’ve ever known. You are missed every day! – Alicia

To my one day adopted child…you are my hero for surviving. – Anonymous

To all the people who feed both in food and in love. – The Muschetts

To Lindsay for inspiring us all! – Diane and Byron Neese

For Gaudencio Rotor, who works hard in China to send money back to his family in the Philippines. – Caitlin and Terry

In memory of one of the most selfless people I’ve ever known, my dad. My hero. He would have given anything to make sure his kids were taken care of. – Jordan

For my husband’s biological mother…thank you for choosing life for him! We are so, so grateful. Maybe we’ll meet some day and be able to thank you in person. – Kelly

For the vibrant Filipino community in Bermuda! – Andrea

In memory of Aunt Cel, who just passed away yesterday at age 94. In addition to her nine children, her more than 70 grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren and almost uncountable nieces, nephews (and all the greats) will certainly remember the joy she expressed when feeding members of this incredibly loving and large extended family. – Mary Hall

Happy birthday Rhonwyn! Your generosity inspires everyone around you. – Anna

For all the MOMMIES who feed their children with love. – Kiddielicious Kitchen

To Nanny Bert who taught her daughters, Barb and Tammy, to keep adding chairs around the table until all those without a place to gather are welcomed to partake in the meal and join in the laughter. Oh, how we love these three women!!!! – Larry & Vicki

This is a tribute to my mom and daughter. Mom, thank you for feeding my tummy, heart and soul throughout the years – it means so much! Olivia, you are my world and I hope one day you impact the world as much as you have impacted my life. I know you will – Lauryn, Ronnie, Olivia, and Joey

Because this rings true the most, “There is no such thing as other people’s children”. – Anonymous

In honor of my friends Barb, Jody, Andrea and Renee who continue to inspire and encourage me. I am so thankful for you. Also, for my daughter, Lindsay Ostrom who also inspires me! Thank you for using your platform to make a difference! – Mary Mork

In thanksgiving for all the protectors of children! – The Hall Family

I have received more than I could ever give back…feeling grateful for this life. – Sylvia

In memory of my grandma, who lived her life with faith and grace and who showed me the meaning of unconditional love. – Susan

For Lindsay’s great idea! – Anonymous

In memory of my grandmother, Gitchell, who always had something good to eat at her house and made all of her grandkids feel LOVED! – Pam

In honor of our sweet little girls, Finley and Callie. – Peterson Family

In honour of my four grandsons, Gavin, Dylan, Evan and Julian. – Marian Rose

For my parents. – Anonymous

To the everyday heroes Lindsay and Bjork: thank you for your incredible work, passion and example helping others! Very grateful for sharing and letting me participate in this awesome project! – Anonymous from Spain

For my sweet sons, Sean + Chase. – Molly Hawkins

For my parents, who worked so hard to give us everything. I love you. – Jessica Dewhurst

With many thanks to the anonymous couple who helped us out when a friend and I got stuck in the mud with no cell phone service. – Megan

In memory of an amazing woman, my Granny, Bonnie Henthorn. Some of my best childhood memories took place in her kitchen where she loved cooking for others. – Nicole

For my beloved sister who ascribes to me both unsurpassable worth and unconditional love – Lina

In honor of my mom, whose compassion inspires me daily. – Danielle

In memory of my HERO and grandmother, Ruby Negy – for teaching me so many things, including how to share joy and sorrow and family and life through sharing food with others. – Kristi

For my hero, my mom – food is her love language, and she taught it to me, too. – Krista

Hugo – my grandfather. A man who was a simple farmer, but still took time to travel the world and help those in need. – Anonymous

For my sister who spent her first few months in an orphanage before finding her forever home. – Lindsey

In honor of my parents who are my heroes every day. – Elle Zans

In memory of my parents Annette and Earl. – Denise Sturgeon

For my mom, who worked so hard, always. I love you. – Molly

In memory of my Grammy, who taught me how to cook. – Renee

Helen and Arthur Lagadinos and Harriet and Gene Parish. – Charlotte P.

To all who have walked the journey to healing for Tanner with us. – Anonymous

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me. Matt. 25:35 & 40. I want to feed them all. <3 – Amanda

In memory of Dad Ancheta. We miss you Papa. – Megan Ancheta

In memory of Mom. – Pamela T.

For my mom, Shirley – for always keeping our family’s bellies full and our hearts fuller! – Lauren Kenson

In honor of my caring family…especially Lindsay and Bjork! – Anonymous

In honor of my husband and my parents. Truly amazing people who are no longer with us. – Lynn Schieda

For my mama – thank you for always nourishing my body and soul- you will always be my hero! – Sabrina Sandberg

In tribute to my dad who worked hard all his life to keep us eating wonderful food and living a wonderful life – Neely Ciarcia

In memory of my dear grandma, Mildred Thormodson, who made the best MN-hot dish. I miss you! – Amy

In honor of my parents Darrell & Beth for their love and care for all of us kids and anyone else who enters their lives. – Heidi

To the glory of God, and His unlimited grace! – Linda B.

My husband, and 2 kids, because they are just awesomeness. – Sue B.

In the love of Messiah Yeshua. – Carl and Bonnie

For my parents who taught me to give and to love. – Karen

In honor of my kid loving and foodie husband Brian Lojek. You make the world a better place. – Kris Taylor

For my parents who taught me to give and to love. – Karen

For all the unspoken heroes who feed and care for our loved ones when we cannot. – Trish

For the blessings from my family and in honor of my wonderful children Tori and Hunter. – Anonymous

in memory of Anna-Brita Fält, mother of our Swedish exchange student. – Mark and Melinda

My mom: you have helped me as I’ve gone through so much, you never tire of discussing my favorite subjects and you know all my secrets. I hope I can be as wonderful a mom as you continue to be! – Hannah Elizabeth

My family, aunts, uncles and cousins who stood by me, reached out to me, befriended me and helped me get through some of the toughest moments of my life to date. There are too many names to list, but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! – Hannah Elizabeth

In honor of the wonderful women of WBL Calvary MOPS and the ladies at FBC Cambridge, who fed us for countless meals!  – Eric and Amanda

In Honor of Roselyn, my best gf and my love of my life. – Yezzir

For my hero, Ethan. – Jessica Glover

In tribute to my mom, a caregiver. – Kate Fitzpatrick

In memory of the love of the most generous person I ever knew. – Anonymous

For love of family, God and all God’s children. – Dean and Cindy Martinsen

In tribute of my sister, who taught me that the meal table is a place of healing for the heart and the community as well as the body. – Anonymous

Tribute to Alfred H. Worden. – Maxine

In memory of my mother, Peggy, who loved missions with all her heart! – Anonymous

For my family, we always shared wonderful meals together around the family table. – Celeste

For my lovely parents, Barb and Tim. These two have hearts that are worth far more than gold. – Roxanne Holmberg

Pete and Nikki Uglow for all the love they have given me over the years. – Sasha

Em memoria do meu pai Júlio Carvalho, que se visse esta iniciativa acabava com lágrimas nos olhos. – Paula Carvalho

For my parents who sacrificed their own needs for the betterment of the family. Also for my mother-in-law who runs a food pantry to bring food to those in need. – Sharon

Ben and Phyllis Baltes are heroes to me for their many examples of generosity, hospitality and service to others. They have touched my life and inspired me to be a better person. – Allen

For my parents and the Tran-Nguyen family – Thank you for taking care of us and provided us with unconditional love & support! – Amy

In memory of my mom, Shyla Meyer, who made good food with limited resources, and in honor of my mother in law, Mary Gayle Stowe, who embodies the spirit of nurturing with her healthy, delicious, abundant meals! – Emily Stowe

Thank you to Pinch of Yum for doing what matters and allowing us to be a part of it. – Diane and Dave Hoskins

We don’t have much, but we are happy to give what we can. – Athena, Ray and Ronan

In memory of Poppy, who would never want anyone to go hungry! – Elizabeth L.

In memory of Erica. You are so very missed. – Cheryl

Tribute to my mother, TJ, who has filled my plate and my heart for 22 years. – Jordi Wiseman

In honor of our grand daughter Livy. We are so blessed! – Anonymous

To honor Bjork and Lindsay. – John and Joan Mork

For my daughter, Josanne, who is studying nutrition and currently helping people recovering from addictions, the value of healthy eating. – Julianna

For Mary Walburg & Mary Broady: Thank you for always providing us with delicious meals & love. – Eric and Sarah Walburg

In honor of our moms. – Chris and Erica

For my mother Glori, who showed me even during your darkest days, God’s love can still shine through. – Leif

For my parents, whose love and compassion knows no bounds. – Brittany

For my grandma who inspired my love of food. – Nicola

In memory of Claire and Bob. – Giangrasso Family

Keep up the good work! – Sarah

Such a sweet and meaningful cause. – Emily Koch

Love to the best Mom in the world. – Carlene Gatting

For my brave mum who has always opened her arms to all. – Anonymous

In memory of Mary Lydia Davis, my Grandmother who made me everything I am. – Georgeanne Elliott

For my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, who taught me the hospitality of a simple meal. – Breanne

In honor of my mom Pam Kurtz, who made a meal for our family to sit around almost every day of my childhood…and for Eric, who eats everything I make with gusto. – Liz Berget

in honor of my mom, Linda Burke, who showed me how to use food as an expression of love. – Tina Miller

In honor of my partner and his adopted family. – Anonymous

My mom who taught me my love for cooking and my dad who instilled his love for baking deep within my soul. Thank you both for continuing to love and support me no matter what life throws my way. – Alyssa

Because you are great and this is the right thing to do. – Nan Long

For my mom, who’s turning 60 this year, and shows her love by feeding people. – Megan Z.

I’ve been so inspired by you two… so happy to be able to help. – MB

In Memory of John Brunk, my friend Heidi Gingerich’s farther, who passed away on March 27, 2016. Brunk’s family treated me and fed me like a family member during my time studying in Akron, OH as an international student. I still remember Sonja (Heidi’s mom)’s hearty German dish. – Joann Wang

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Jen G.

People at Courage Kenny rehab center for their amazing care for Rachel. – Jay and Ruth

For my birth mother, whose unconditional love and courage brought me across the ocean into the warm and open arms of my parents.  – Krista

For my mother-in-law, who welcomes everyone to her table and keeps hunger at bay for all the neighborhood kids. – Anonymous

Here’s to bright, beautiful futures for these cherished kiddos. Tyou, POY team. xoxox – Anonymous

For my mom & dad: the unsung heroes, the loudest cheerleaders, and my biggest inspiration to be a better person every day. and because they taught me to love food and never gave up attempting to get me to try something new. – The Pike Place Kitchen

Tribute to my family and faith. – Lindsay Cotter

In honor of my heroes today: how sweet it is, dine & dish, pinch of yum – for reminding me of that which makes my heart sing. thank you. – Michelle Patrick

In honor of my mom Mary. – Sarah Soucek

To my recently passed parents, who taught me to be loving and giving towards others. Thank you for your great example to us kids. – Anonymous

In memory of my Mom. – Anonymous

In memory of “Mimi” whose heart for others was contagious. – Cathy Silva

For my mom, Lourdes, who is always cooking or baking something delicious for those she loves. Thank you for making us a hot meal each day growing up (and now when we come to visit with our families!) and for making our house a home. We love you! – Kim

In memory of my beautiful friend, Leila. – Emily

In memory of Grandpa Tom. – Laurie

For my parents, my heroes, the most supportive people I can imagine. Thank you for filling me with love and food and passion and joy. – Ellen Slater

Speechless and utterly amazed at the true kindness of your work. Keep on, keepin’ on. – Sara

For my mom who cooked, baked, pickled, and cleaned up after meals for so many years. Life isn’t the same without you, but your memory will stay strong. – Megan Arneson

For my mom, Lenora Robertson for lifetime of cooking and unselfishly taking care of so many people. Love you, MOM!!  – Anonymous

In loving memory of my grandmother, Annette and her indescribably delicious Chicken Pot Pie! – Alaina

To my beautiful parents. – Robin Duncan

For the Divine who has always taken good care of me. – Anonymous

For my dad, my hero. Keep up the amazing work, Lindsay and Bjork! – Erin

In memory of my Pop-pop. I miss you, your hugs, and your homemade popcorn. – Lauren Rose

For my dad, who inspired in me the love of food and cooking. – Anne Marie

Unsurpassable Worth | pinchofyum.com

Unsurpassable Worth | pinchofyum.com

Unsurpassable Worth | pinchofyum.comUnsurpassable Worth | pinchofyum.com

Unsurpassable Worth | pinchofyum.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are going to make things happen and I love us for it.

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