Up North: Ten Days at the Cabin

Skillet with eggs and sausage.

One picture of food.

Just one. That’s all! WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Last week Bjork and I returned from a ten-day family vacation UP NORTH (where I only took one picture of food).

If you’re from Minnesota, I know you speak my language: when I say we were up north, you just nod your head and smile. If you’re not from Minnesota, or the Midwest, you should just know that up north is really a three-in-one phrase –> it’s a general place (anywhere north of you geographically, probably in the woods or on a lake, ideally both because we get greedy about these things) and a general vibe (log cabins – like literally cabins made of logs, lake sunrises, the sound of loons at night, the smell of pine and campfire smoke, cozy sweatshirts) and a general verb (reading, boating, fishing, biking, camping, paddle boarding, canoeing, hiking, sunning on the dock all day).

“We’re going up north.” The sweetest four words to my Minnesotan ears.

One thing about blogging: it’s so amazing to be able to take work everywhere with me. No matter where I find myself in the world, as long as there’s just one little inkling of internet connectivity, I can do my work.

Blessing! and curse.

Because what happens is that then you can always work. So, um, you always work.

I decided that this year, I would fully disconnect from work while we were at the cabin. I checked in on a email a few times and pulled up Pinch of Yum here and there just to make sure nothing had imploded while I was out binge-reading mind candy books on the dock. And guess what? It all turned out fine. Here I am, back in action, feeling refreshed and happy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Over the last few days I’ve gotten a few comments and emails asking if I would do a picture post from our time at the cabin. And I love you sososo much for asking because it means we’re VPT (vacation picture twins).

I mean, have you forgotten about my unsatiable desire for vacation picture sharing? My favorite posts on other blogs that I follow are ALWAYS their vacation picture posts, and I definitely win Creepy Interested? Friend of the Year when it comes to looking at what other people do on their vacations on Facebook and Instagram, so it’s only fair that I share a few little nuggets of fun with you from our ten days at the cabin.

Here’s a glimpse into life at the cabin! I hope you find yourself in your own version of up north someday soon.

Paddle on the lake.

Lily pads on the water.

People playing at a cabin.

Bags on the dock.

Feet on the dock.

Boy with a shoe in the water.

Woman holding the hand of a little boy.

Man wearing a hood and sunglasses.

Woman on a boat.

American flag on a pole.

Girl sitting on a chair.

Boy holding a toddler.

Man reading on a device.

Cookies on a napkin.

Boys on a paddle boat.

Man and woman paddle boarding.

Man paddle boarding.

Boy catching food in his mouth.

Woman laying on a board in the water.

Boy with wet hair.

Two women.

Man standing on a dock.

Boy holding a toddler.

People sitting around a table eating.

Two men at a table.

Boy kissing his mother.

Boys tubing.

Boy and toddler.

Boys tubing.Boy tubing on the lake.

Toddler wearing a sun hat.

People on a paddle board.

People on a floating dock.

Elderly woman holding a toddler.

Man drinking out of a mug.

Boy dragging a blanket.

Girl reading.

Woman cooking in a kitchen.

Four people on a couch.

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