West Coast Road Trip

San Francisco view.


This post is for the people who like the pictures. And not so much on the words because, well, there’s a small tsunami of picturemania coming at your eyeballs right now. Words – no. If you dare to hop in the virtual backseat of the rented Prius to get a sneak peek at our incredibly busy, non-stop, fun little West Coast road trip, you are just going to be scrolling. For a little bit of a looong time. I’m just preparing you now. There would be no time to stop and read – this is a thumb-through-while-snacking post – so there are very few words here. Now everybody cross your fingers that I can cut myself off soon enough to let you actually look through.

Woman taking a photo in a car mirror.

I had a major self-debate about whether or not it was appropriate to include so many vacation pictures in one post (and no grid this time! usually I at least try to condense the massive montage), but the reality is that I am a person who would almost for-surely pay real money to sit on my comfy couch and look through other people’s vacation pictures on the internet. Like I might have even seen your honeymoon pictures on Facebook last year. Okay fine, I did. It’s a disease.

And so maybe I’m not the only one with the disease. This might actually just be the perfect place for a support group. Welcome.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older (hello thirty, I see you up ahead), or if I’m just getting more tired more easily, or both at the same time *sobs*, but this trip had me so completely tuckered out every single night. And considering that I just used the phrase tuckered out, we can attribute the tiredness to me being 80 years old in spirit. This week we were ON THE GO, people. We started in San Francisco for a video recording project thingy that I’ll tell you more about soon. Two days later, we drove 15 hours up highway one and through the state of Oregon and eventually landed ourselves in Seattle for a food photography workshop. Like, you guys. There was one night that I literally fell asleep sitting up straight mid-conversation with Bjork. Not like I nodded off. We’re talking literally full-blown falling asleep. Someone please put me down for a nap.

Except who has time for naps when there’s such an incredible world to see? Every time we travel there’s a little spark that lights me up inside, especially when I think about how big the world is and how many incredible people there are in it, doing different things and living unique lifestyles and showing me other ways of being besides my own. It’s inspiring and mind-rocking. I’m getting tired again just thinking about it, so, uhh, the nap.

Without a doubt, we needed more time in all of these places and then some on this trip. Maybe there’s a sequel in our future.

For now, here’s a peek at what we did! BUCKLE UP.


San Francisco bridge.


Man standing next to a car.

Food on a plate.

Woman making a kissing face.

Man and woman smiling.

Man leaning and smiling.


Man behind a camera.

Hands holding a sandwich.


Lights at night.

Man sitting in a chair looking out at the water.

People sitting at a table.


Food on a plate.

Woman cutting into food.


Woman pointing at a map.

Woman smiling near the ocean.

Man and woman near the ocean.


Two men talking on the sidewalk.

Man doing a thumbs up.

Produce in a box.


Man standing near a resort sign.

Backyard with green grass.

Log cabin.

Woman walking in the woods.


Donuts with cereal on top.

Pink flower.

Man jumping.

Woman jumping.


Bright pink flowers in a white pot.

Public market center sign.

Woman with her hands to her lips.

Donuts with sprinkles.


Seattle Road Trip and Photography Workshop.


Pears in a white bowl.


Chocolate chip cookies.

Photography Workshop.

White bowls with steam.

Bowl of nuts.

Soup in a white bowl.

Mugs with utensils.

Bowl of soup.



Greens up close.

Produce in blue containers.

Photography Workshop.

That was a picture marathon. If you are not a family member reading out of supportive familial obligation, you win Best Reader Award. Bless.

If you have any questions about where we stayed or what we did or how many times I ate eggs benedict florentine (no! don’t ask), you can just leave a comment and I will happily relive these glory moments with you. Seriously, thank you x a bajillion for all your recs as we ate our way through all these cities – I would literally read through all your comments before every single restaurant choice. You guys KNOW.

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