What I Ate Wednesday

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You guys! Things are busy around here!

And I am hunnn-gry!

Our office remodel is *thisclose* to being done, and it feels like all the big stuff (windows, doors, lighting, floors) is just steamrolling forward, and the whole project is just taking up a lot of my time and decision-making brain space, and it’s fun and also exhausting, and as a result this week’s meals have been… well, you can decide for yourself what you think they’ve been.

Welcome to a food day in my life.


Pancakes with syrup on a plate.

A glorious breakfast – the last wheat English muffin, toasted, with some seed and nut butter, cinnamon, sea salt, sugar, and honey. Normally I throw a few banana slices on my English muffs but we are a little short on groceries at the moment, okay?

An Important Orange Juice Update:

I have jumped back on the orange juice wagon. I kind of scaled back on it this winter, but girl, I AM BACK. A cold glass of orange juice with breakfast is just one of those really nice, really happy moments in my day. So much more enjoyable than a glass of whatever might be the latest health trend. I’m just saying it like it is. Bless all of you who take shots of ACV and chase it down with a warm lemon water and such. Count me out. One tall orange juice, coming right up.

Nuttzo nut butter in a jar

(Here is the nut / seed butter that I’m loving. A new find from Costco.)


Thai chicken salad in a bowl.

Thai chicken salad making a re-appearance because YUM.

Cabbage, carrot, cilantro, chicken, mango (a ripe one today), peanuts, and a creamy peanut dressing. Tastes crunchy, salty-sweet, and fresh. Feels like taking a shower.

Have you made this yet? Please say yes.

Post-Lunch Essential

Healthy bite sized food in a container.

Chocolate covered almonds rolled in sea salt and turbinado sugar. TOTALLY ADDICTING.

Late Afternoon Snack

A hand holding a large cup of smoothie named Daily Harvest.

When I get home from work in the afternoon, I’ve been doing this thing where I blend up a quick smoothie so I have something easy and portable to sip on while Solvi and I play together.

I had mixed feelings about Daily Harvest the first time around (more on that here) but with my second shipment, I am a little bit more excited about it.

Maybe because I picked better smoothies? Or maybe because of this new daily-smoothie-routine that I’ve gotten into?

Either way, the mint + cacao flavor is really treating me right.

I usually use vanilla almond milk or oat milk for the liquid base for these smoothies, and I add a little bit of pure maple syrup to almost all the DH smoothies because they are surprisingly UN-sweet.

Also: compostable straw. Baby steps. I’m working on it.


A person holds a utensil in a black pan of food.

Rough picture, but delicious Cottage Pie. This was SO yummy.

Bjork was in his down-home-meat-and-potatoes happy place, eating piles of fluffy, cheesy mashed potatoes over that saucy beef and vegetable filling. (Okay, fine, I was pretty happy, too.)

Which leads to me New Thing Alert!

This recipe was from the Cook Once, Eat All Week* meal planning cookbook and it is – just, wow. It’s so obvious that there was a TON of time, energy, and organization that went into creating this resource.

The recipes are less of the show-stoppers that you’d want to bring to dinner club and more of the everyday stuff that your family would love. I immediately texted my sister to tell her about this book because I feel like feeding a family of 5 makes her a prime candidate for this method and these recipes.

Even for us, with a family of 2 + baby, the concept of cooking (mostly) once each week is incredibly helpful. I followed the weekly plan: prepped all the elements on Sunday, and then assembled the meals throughout the week, and I looked forward to it all the way from Monday to Friday.


Berries in a bowl near a cup of coffee.

Good Fruit Season is upon us and my body is crying tears of joy. Thank you, fruit, for being nature’s candy.

Tonight: juicy ripe cherries, with a standard nightly hot tea.

What Solvi Ate

Seven containers of prepped food sitting on a table.

A new segment here on WIAW: What Solvi Ate!

This week Solvi is working through a batch of “Chicken Dinners” including:

  • steamed and mashed sweet potatoes (cooked in the Instant Pot)
  • finely chopped plain boiled chicken breast (also cooked in the Instant Pot)
  • little bite-lettes of steamed broccoli
  • roughly one speck of curry powder

To be honest with you, she was totally into this meal… until she was not. So as of lately, we’ve been adding a little dollop of mashed berries into the mix to keep her interested. And it is weird. But when it comes to strange combos of fruits and vegetables and proteins, the Queen gets what the Queen wants.

Okay, I am ready for you to wow me with your fancy recipes.

Or tell me that you’ve actually just eaten Chipotle for lunch every day this week.

Which is it? I like the real stuff – give it to me straight! What have YOU been eating this week?

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