What I Ate Wednesday: July

What I Ate Wednesday title.

And now we shall exit Recipe Blog Mode and just be real about what we actually eat!

Food is such a strangely universal / personal thing. I love to make and eat fun and exciting recipes, but I equally love the real life, unpolished, what-do-you-eat-in-a-day stuff, which is why I include one of these posts every once in a while! Just trying to pull back the fridge door and give this food space a little extra dose of real life.

Here’s a What I Ate Wednesday for the month of July!

(And just so you know, yes, I am fully expecting your WIAW reports in the comments.)


Chicken chorizo sandwich.

Here’s a picture of my chicken chorizo breakfast sandwich.

And here’s story for you: I had a crazy morning. No time to eat before I left the house. I went through the drive through at to Caribou Coffee and entered “my perks number” which is actually Bjork’s perks number. The cashier said, “Okay, great, thank you Bjork!”

But the real Bjork was, in fact, sitting inside the coffee shop right by the drive-up window! So he heard his name, knew that it was me, walked outside to find me, and proceeded to harass me as I waited in the drive-through lane. True love.

Leave it to the men in your life to introduce you to weird but kind of actually delicious foods, right? This 100% falls in that category. I used to give him such a hard time for ordering a “chicken chorizo” breakfast sandwich that came wrapped in a paper bag and now… you guys, what can I say. He’s brought me to the dark side.

Chicken chorizo sausage patty, muenster cheese slice, a fried egg, and some kind of gluten free English muffin that has the weirdest, most delicious texture.

Email Bjork if you need his perks number.


Goddess chicken salad at desk.

Okay, so it’s not much to look at. But this goddess chicken salad with Greek yogurt and cilantro and pistachios and curry powder and honey and raisins is my ALL TIME FAVORITE in the summer for ready-to-go meal prep.

Please note that after the initial photo was taken, I decided to roll this up in one of those fresh flour tortillas from Costco – the ones you have to cook first – and it was like a very speedy chicken salad wrap situation. Divine.

Sunny Day Snack

Crackers outside with Sage.

Part cracker, part chip, part retro snack bomb. I am so here for this.

These are – wait for it – Ritz Crisp and Thins! Sour cream and onion flavor, duh, and honestly, they’re just my favorite thing right now. Not healthy, not cool, but just very, very thin and crispy and delicious.

The picture doesn’t do them justice. They are seriously so thin – like little bites of air. And they taste like every zealously flavored chip I loved as a teenager, because no, my tastebuds have not matured beyond 2004. Thank you for your time.

Blackened BBQ Salmon

BBQ Salmon in a bowl with cookbook.

This recipe came out of my friend Jessica’s Pretty Dish* cookbook and it was so zippy, fresh, summery.

Click here for the salmon recipe!

Important to note that on this particular evening we served it up with the leftover cauliflower from these lettuce wraps, and the combo was 10/10 awesome.

Hello Butter

Butter Chardonnay in glass.

Bedtime with the queen has been a Choose Your Own Adventure ride lately, so naturally a post-bedtime reward has been in order.

Enter: my favorite wine of the summer which is, in fact, so fancy that it is just called Butter.

If you like chardonnay and post-bedtime rewards, you might want to locate this.

What Solvi Ate

Solvi eating cheese.

This month Solvi has started eating cheese! HEY GIRL!

Suddenly she can pick up food and feed herself, which is just very adorable and fun and also a little hard to keep up with? So shredded cheese has been one of those here’s-a-little-pile-to-get-you-started foods while she waits for the rest of her meal to be ready. And everyone wins.

Pictured here we have an appetizer of some freshly shredded mild cheddar, and like any good food blogger’s daughter, she is loving it.

Your turn!

What have you been eating? I told you about my current Ritz obsession so, seriously, don’t hold anything back.

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