What I Do Here

City streets after rain.

On Mondays, I ride up to school on the back of moped.

I love it.

Man and woman wearing helmets on a motor bike.

Clarification: I don’t love this picture, but I love the ride.

And I actually do this every day, not just Mondays, unless there is monsoon-like rains flooding all the streets, in which case I lug my 50 pounds of stuff to the bottom of the hill and try to nab a taxi in 3 feet of street water. It happens.

Sometimes on Tuesdays, we run errands.

Shelves of donuts.

Only the best kind of errands that are followed by more errands to the Coffee Dream. That is a real place, actually.

Every Wednesday I get to do speech therapy with this sweet little buddy.

Young boy smiling while playing with play dough.

Can I tell you about him? He didn’t speak AT ALL for the first few years of his life. He has started speaking since arriving at the shelter a few months ago, and now I get to help him practice specific speech skills and sounds like initial /k/ and /tr/. His cleft palate makes articulation very difficult, but oh-my-goodness. This little peanut has a spark in him that cannot be put out. He is really, really special and I soak up every second with him. Praise the Lord for the his thriving growth.

PS. Do you know what’s exhausting? Making the /k/ sound for 45 minutes.

Thursdays are good for ice cream outings.

Young boy eating.

Friday? Um, yeah.

Pan of bars with baking ingredients on a table.

There’s more where that came from comin’ up later this week.

On Saturdays we watch movies. Sometimes at home on the laptop, sometimes with the kids on the big projector.

For example, Boys’ Ten and Up Movie Night.

Room filled with men of all ages.

And of course, Girls’ Ten and Up Movie Night.

Room filled with young girls.

On Sundays we go to church. It’s so interesting and we love meeting the people there.

But our Midwestern bodies reeeeeeally struggle with the heat.

Pink shirt with sweat spots.

You know you’re not looking to good when an elderly woman takes a fan out of her purse and passes it down the row to you. Note to self: bring a sweat cloth and wear a thicker T-shirt.

Let’s follow that up with something to take your mind off me sweating. Like sweet nap time in the little girls’ room.

Seriously sweet.

Bedroom with two bunkbeds.

So that’s what I do here, mostly. With whatever you’re doing (Labor Day? cabin? eating something with chocolate?) and wherever you are, I hope you’re having fun. Because you’re my favorites.

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