Yum Sweet Home: Before Pictures


1. We have a house. WE HAVE A HOUSE!

2. Our house has an old front door.


3. We have nice hardword floors/we’ve been getting all our painting done this week.

Painting in a house.

4. On a really distracting note, we only go there at darktime (after 5:30pm for us here in MN) which lends itself well to extremely low quality and grainy pictures.

5. We have arched doorways. *squeee*

Archway in a house.

6. White trim happening.

New paint in a house.

7. The beloved little kitchen. It will be remodeled eventually, but for a little while it will do us just fine.

8. PS. That would be a window. In the kitchen. EXCITING.

Kitchen renovation.

9. The tile. That is all.

Painting in a bathroom.

10. The long term future amazing HGTV-style master bedroom loft, currently disguised as the creepy but charming attic.

Empty attic.

11. The handyman who makes up for my non-handy skill set.

Man screwing into a window.

12. The place where the monsters live which will eventually be a finished basement for watching movies and stuff. Just give us a year or two.

Empty basement.

13. Fresh snow in the neighborhood = the coziest time of year to move in.

Road and sidewalk at night.

Thank you for forcing your eyes to look at such grainy, low lighting pictures just to meet our little Yum Sweet Home!

More pictures coming your way in a week or two! But first, we have to, like, clean and stuff.


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