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  • EtheriOm - Monatomic Gold Increased Energy and Vitality

    Crafted With Love in Our U.S. Labs

    We synergize the Ormus in EtheriOm from Dead Sea salt and pure, charged spring water from the crystal grid of Mount Ida, Arkansas. We play theta waves during its synthesis to ensure a high-vibrational product.

    Further enhanced with plant terpenes, our carefully crafted Ormus suspended solution ignites a synergy of chi forces to catalyze highly charged vibrational...

  • Tibetan Goji Berries - Himalayan Super Food History & Benefits

    Goji berries have held the title of superfood for centuries but have only recently become popular in the west. They are nutrient-packed, exceeding the nutrition of almost any other fruit.


  • Happiness of Mind - Tibetan Medicinal Pills

    Happiness of Mind supports a balanced administration of Lhung chi within the central Sushumna, the Nadis, meridians and collaterals and works to restore chi vitality to meridian and organs. It enhances well-being, relaxes and focuses the mind, and aids the function of the body, speech, and mind. 


  • Tibetan Goji Berries | Grown in the Himalayas

    Lycium Chinese is known in Tibet as the “Happy Berry” in the Tibetan culture, the main side effect is reputed to be laughter. In Eastern medicine, the berries are used as a liver, blood, and eye tonic. Goji berries have been researched in connection with cancer prevention as well as use during & after conventional treatments.

    Our berries are authentic and were identified by the Tanaduk Institute...

  • Long COVID Symptoms and Recovery

    One in five people who were infected with COVID-19 suffers symptoms of what doctors are calling long COVID or post-COVID. This is true whether they had a severe or mild case and whether they were vaccinated or unvaccinated. In this article we look at the symptoms, the possible causes, and some potent herbal and natural remedies.


  • Shilajit Super Mineral Supplement from the Himalayas

    Skilfully crafted Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Powerhouse Adaptogens enhanced with minerals and life-supporting terpenes creating the highest vibratory expression of this Ancient Longevity Formula. 


  • .

    Numerous additional side effects are being reported such as cognitive impairments (e.g. brain fog, memory loss, breakdown in the blood/brain barrier), a reactivated chicken pox virus that leads to shingles and herpes zoster
    and heart inflammation cases (e.g.myocarditis), among others. Long Covid Solutions explored.


  • Sowa Rigpa | 2500 year old Tibetan Healing Science

    “Sowa Rigpa is the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual science of healing often too simply referred to as Tibetan medicine. These spiritual practices and methods were taught by The Medicine Buddha and is part of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices of Sowa Rigpa and therefore protected under Federal Constitution”. “Federal Constitutional Provisions – Amendment 1 and Amendment 14 and under Amendment 34 of...
  • Everything You Need to Know about CBD Terpenes

    It is important to discuss a few other points before getting into what CBD terpenes are and what benefits they provide. First of all, you should know that there are a variety of different terpenes. Additionally, these terpenes provide different benefits, too. However, there is one key point that you should keep in mind when evaluating all of these products. That key point is the fact that some...

  • How You Could Benefit From CBD Oil

    Thinking of Adding CBD Oil into Your Life?

    Because of the numerous medicinal effects discovered within this substance, it's no surprise that CBD is becoming increasingly more popular with each passing year.

    If you’ve been thinking of adding CBD oil to your life in some way or another, we’re here to explain what exactly this substance can do and how it may help you. Continue on to find out if you...

  • How CBD Oil Can Help Your Heart Health

    Caused by factors like diet, stress, and genetics, high blood pressure afflicts over 30% of adults on earth. The disease can go unnoticed and untreated for years before it leads to a major health episode like a stroke or a heart attack.

    There are tons of prescription and over-the-counter medications for high blood pressure already on the market, but there's a new one that's just starting to catch...

  • Golden Eagle | Synergy Enhanced Tibetan Infusion | A restorative formula for Lungs

    Golden Eagle
    Respiratory Restoration

    An advanced Tibetan formula from the Himalaya’s to support and protect the lungs and improve their respiratory functions.

    Synergy Enhanced Tibetan Infusion (S.E.T.I.) is the Golden Eagle (GE), a restorative formula for the lungs.

    Golden Eagle
     supports clear, easy breathing, soothes the lung tissues, supports comfortable functioning of the muscles in the...


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