3 Ways CBD Oil Helps Reduce Acne Caused by Hormones

At different stages of life, people experience hormone fluctuations. Puberty is one of the biggest shifts of hormones, and it happens between the ages of 10 and 15 in females and 12 and 17 in males. However, adults can also have acne breakouts caused by hormone changes.

A woman who is pregnant or who has recently given birth will experience rapid hormonal changes. Around the time of menopause, women also go through a cascade of changing hormones. If these life events have caused you to experience acne breakouts, you don’t have to suffer or try harsh chemicals on your skin. Here are three ways CBD oil can help reduce acne flare-ups caused by shifting hormone levels.

Reduction of Sebum Production

The topical use of CBD oil may reduce acne breakouts by adjusting how much sebum your body produces. Sebum is a mix of oily and waxy substances. If your body makes too much of it, your pores become clogged. During pregnancy and menopause, sebum production increases. Many women say that they have acne outbreaks as bad as they did during their teenage years. Topical CBD oil reduces sebum production throughout the body, so it can lessen acne outbreaks on your face, back, arms, chest, and other areas prone to oily buildup.

Decrease in Inflammation

During times of hormonal change, the body makes more cytokines. These substances cause widespread inflammation throughout the body. When the skin and pores are inflamed, the oil, wax, and dirt can’t escape. The oils become trapped, causing widespread acne. Acne caused by this inflammation tends to be the deep, scarring acne that leads to pockmarks. Using CBD oil on inflamed areas of the skin can lessen the inflammation and decrease cytokine production throughout the body.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

Researchers have found that CBD oil has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Your skin is constantly exposed to bacteria and fungi in the environment. There are many strains of bacteria that live on the skin with no problem, but you can easily pick up a type of bacteria that causes infections.

If you have any skin-to-skin contact with people or pets, it’s possible to develop a bacterial infection that triggers acne or makes an existing outbreak worse. Many women report lowered immunity during pregnancy, and this is part of nature’s way to protect a developing fetus from rejection by the mother’s body. Immunity also wanes with age, so older women may be less able to clear a bacterial or fungal infection compared to young women. Using CBD oil as a natural cleanser can help treat these infections that trigger new acne or make it worse.

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