Add This Key Ingredient To Your Coffee To Get A Jump Start On Your Day

When you think of CBD, you might initially think of vaping. But this multi-billion-dollar industry is so much more. From wellness products to skincare and other items in the cosmetic industry, it is not hard to find CBD on many ingredient lists these days. The non-psychoactive distillate of cannabis plants, CBD or cannabidiol, is used for a variety of reasons. Lowering anxiety, decreasing inflammation, and even reducing the frequency of seizures have been studied as therapeutic benefits of CBD. While more medical studies are being funded as local and state laws surrounding non-THC cannabinoids are changing, it is only natural that innovations in supplement delivery continue to grow. Taking CBD in coffee — either as part of the grounds or as an additive after brewing — is the latest trend. And it is delicious. Even Willie Nelson has developed his own line of hemp-infused, full-spectrum coffee.

Why Mix CBD and Coffee?

The general consensus on a CBD-infused brew is that the caffeine stimulates the nervous system, boosting dopamine which helps the brain focus, and the CBD works to decrease anxiety which, when in overdrive, can cause a severe lack of focus. Both caffeine and CBD are also thought to have antioxidant properties that can protect your cells from free radical damage. Sounds pretty good, right?

What Can I Expect From Drinking CBD Coffee?

Because CBD affects everyone differently, some find the mixture of caffeine and a low dose of cannabidiol to be too stimulating while others find it gives them a hyper-focus for completing daily tasks. Those who find caffeine alone too much might rejoice in knowing that many report a CBD blend added to their morning cuppa takes the edge off and their regular caffeine jitters are gone altogether.

What to Look For

Because coffee and CBD are sensitive crops, do your homework before selecting a CBD coffee blend. Look for transparent harvest information as well as transparency in the manufacturing of the CBD. Smaller companies tend to have more ethical and sustainable purchasing practices with both coffee and hemp crops. You will want to look for a Certificate of Analysis on the brand’s website that gives a third-party verification of certain measures like the terpene profile, mycotoxin testing, heavy metals testing, etc. There are many locally-owned coffee shops and bars that are beginning to serve CBD coffees for morning treats and after-work espresso cocktails. If you’re curious about the effects of mixing CBD and coffee, ask the barista for recommendations and try a specially blended drink. If you don’t live in a place that has a strong CBD culture, you can order your grounds online or try adding CBD oil to your preferred coffee brand along with whatever you use to doctor your cuppa. Being an informed consumer is the first step to enjoying the benefits of CBD and coffee.

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