Alternate Vape Review – 250mg CBD Vape Cartridge

Alternate Vape’s CBD Vape Cartridge is shaking the competition for a few reasons that we’re excited to share with you.

starter CBD vape kit review

General Consensus

We love that it’s all-natural and dares to step outside the typical vape oil formulation. What do we mean by that? Most CBD e-liquids are made with propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) in order to work with any vaporizer on the market. Although those ingredients have been the industry normal forever, they’re not necessarily healthy or natural.

Understanding that people use hemp for the sake of being healthy, Alternate Vape formulated this product using all-natural ingredients. Instead of PG/VG, it contains fractionated coconut oil. This formulation is an amazing improvement, but does cause one setback: not all vaporizers are compatible with it. You need a low-voltage battery.

That’s why the Alternate Vape CBD Vape Shot is best when used with their kit unless you can verify your vape battery runs at 3.9V or less. This vape kit comes with everything you need, most importantly, a fully compatible vaporizer pen.

You won’t get huge vapor clouds with this all-natural formula —because guess which ingredients allow big clouds? That’s right, VG and PG. But it does still produce a decent amount of vapor, so we were satisfied.


alternate vape CBD vape kitWe like this CBD Vape Shot because it’s really easy to use, you don’t have to mess with the hassle of filling anything because it comes pre-filled. You’ll notice a few things when you receive your order.

#1: The vape shot is packed almost too well, you’ll probably have to use scissors to get it out of the plastic shell.The good news? The package is pretty and professional and you don’t have to worry about it getting tossed around during shipment.

The good news? The package is pretty and professional and you don’t have to worry about it getting tossed around during shipment.

#2: You have everything you need to start vaping as soon as you receive your package.

#3: The sleek white case that comes with the kit is pretty and SUPER useful if you plan to travel with your vaporizer. Those pieces can be easy to lose without this case.

CBD Vape Cartridge Usage

If you’re completely new to vaping, here are the exact steps you need to take when your Alternate Vape CBD Vape Cartridge arrives.

1. Cut the top off the clamshell packaging that contains your pre-filled CBD vape shot.

2. Remove the clear rubber piece on the bottom of the tank (it’s just there to prevent it from getting scratched up during shipping).

3. Open the white Alternate Vape case and grab the battery section.

4. Twist the battery onto that pre-filled CBD vape shot.

5. If for some reason you get curious and want to remove the black mouthpiece on the Vape Shot … well, don’t! Otherwise, it could leak and you can take my word for it, it’s hard to get that piece back on. So, don’t touch it!

6. Breathe in through the black mouthpiece on the CBD Vape Shot for 3-4 seconds, keep the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds, then exhale gently.

7. Repeat as needed throughout the day, but do not vape more than 3 times in quick succession or you could burn your oil. Take it easy, vaping no more than 3 times per minute.



Does it Work?

Here’s why this CBD Vape Shot may be for you.
Our overall consensus in this CBD Vape Shot review is that, yes, we highly recommend Alternate Vape’s CBD e-liquid.

Here’s why.

  • Easy to travel with
  • Offers a potent amount of CBD
  • Made with terpenes
  • All-natural
  • Contains no VG or PG
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Here’s why this CBD Vape Shot might NOT be for you.
This CBD vape is made with CBD isolate, which is super potent but isn’t full-spectrum. This means it doesn’t have pure hemp oil, containing various cannabinoids and other phytonutrients from the oil. Rather, it contains only the CBD compound.

For some people, this works really well because it’s such a high concentration of CBD. However, other people find that a full-spectrum hemp oil works better. In that case, this vape might not be your best option.


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