Best CBD Oil Products

Recommending the best CBD oil products used to be simple, because there was only a handful on the market. Now, competition is rising and we see that as a very positive thing!

More options mean more potential matches for everyone. To help find your #1 best CBD product, you must ask yourself a few questions.

1 – Is flavor important?
2 – How severe are my wellness goals?
3 – Do I need a product that’s easy to travel with?

Keep your answers to these questions in mind when reading about our top products below. If you have any questions in your CBD oil search, please feel free to call or email us and we’d be happy to assist.

The All-Around
Best CBD Product

Proprietary Hemp Extract: Blue Label CBD Oil (150-1,500mg)

As our longest-standing top product, the Blue Label pure hemp oil is worth a serious look. It’s extremely potent, at 5mg per grain of rice size serving. If you’re looking for strong CBD oil and are content with an earthy taste, check out this concentrated oil.

Each batch of this pure hemp oil is 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity to ensure it meets the highest quality standards; something our team is strictly passionate about. Not only does the Blue Label speak for itself with a potent 15-18% concentration of CBD, but it’s also a product buyers loyally return to.

A common inquiry about the Blue Label is if it’s the same as RSHO or Rick Simpson Oil. It’s a different brand and we carefully source our own oil, but it’s vastly similar all-around. However, our oil doesn’t contain high levels of THC, so you won’t experience the “high” associated with RSO.

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Best Tasting CBD Oil


Made by Hemp: Hemp Extract (1,000mg)

Our premium Hemp Extract is, without a doubt, the most delicious CBD oil available. It’s full-spectrum, meaning it contains a blend of CBD, CBDa, CBN, and terpenes for multiple wellness benefits. To ensure the quality, this product is fully lab tested by a 3rd party.

This 1,000mg CBD formulation is strong enough to provide the relief you need, with the added benefit of taking it easy on your taste buds.

With the accurate dropper top, simply fill up the dropper with your desired serving size (the recommendation is 1 full dropper per day) and squeeze it out under your tongue. Keep the oil nestled under your tongue (so it can absorb) for 1-2 minutes (the longer the better), then swallow.

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Tasty Hemp Oil: Tasty CBD Drops (500-1,000mg)

Tasty Drops have been the most popular CBD tincture since their initial release in 2013. Recent formula enhancements have improved the quality of the Tasty Drops and they also now come in an extra strength version with 1,000mg of CBD!

This tincture stands out thanks to its high-quality ingredients and small-batch manufacturing, ensuring you always get a freshly made product.

The flavors do a great job masking hemp’s earthy taste, but you can further mask the flavor by drinking juice after swallowing the oil.

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Best CBD Oil for Traveling

Made by Hemp: Hand And Body Lotion – Travel Size (250mg)

For irritated or dry skin, this easy-to-travel with 3.2oz tube is perfect to take in your checked bag. This lotion is used by massage professionals, chiropractors, and many other holistic health professionals.

As you apply this CBD Lotion, you’ll notice it quickly absorbs into your skin, which your skin is asking for. With our proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals such as Lemon Myrtle, Sandlewood, Hemp, Ylang Ylang, Danilion, Apricot, Hisbiscus, Aloe, and more.

Best CBD Oil for Sore Muscles & Joints

Made by Hemp: Cooling CBD Salve (500mg CBD)

For targeted relief, there’s nothing better than a CBD Salve. With this Cooling Muscle Rub, you can deliver a potent amount of CBD to any area of the body with the ease of a push-up container and roll-on application.

As you apply this CBD Salve, you’ll notice a relaxing peppermint aroma, which comes from menthol terpenes. Menthol is not only soothing to breathe in, but it’s also incredible for cooling down inflamed skin. This natural terpene is just one of the many plant extracts infused in this all-natural salve to compliment the benefits of CBD.

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Best High Strength CBD Oil

Proprietary Hemp Extract: Gold Label Hemp Oil (240-2,400mg)

Standing at 27% CBD, the Gold Label oil is our strongest product yet. Each drop delivers a potent serving and is filtered to remove excess plant parts.

Nothing else compares to the strength of this filtered hemp oil, which is why we recommend it if customers aren’t satisfied with the strength of another product.

The difference between the Gold and Blue is that the Gold is filtered to remove excess plant parts. This does raise the price per milligram for this product (because of all the extra work that goes into making it), but it’s worth a try if the lower-strength products don’t cut it for you.

On an important note, the Gold Label hemp oil has a pretty potent flavor that’s not for sensitive taste buds. If you’re looking for the highest-strength product and don’t care about flavor, search no further than this.

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The Best Value CBD Oil

Proprietary Hemp Extract: Raw Label Hemp Oil (150-1,500mg)

Yes, Proprietary Hemp Extract wins again. This time it’s the 3rd and final version, the Raw Label. This version is a pure extract of the hemp plant, no filtering is done to it. The difference between this and the Blue is that the Blue is heated (“decarboxylated”) to turn its CBDa content into CBD. With the Raw Label, the oil maintains that natural CBDa and CBD balance. If you’re unfamiliar with those two compounds, we suggest doing some research to see if it’s right for you.

If you’re trying to find the best value, meaning the most CBD per dollar…congratulations, you’ve found it! Since this product requires no special formulation or filtering, it’s less expensive. If you’re one of the many lucky people to find that a CBDa/CBD combination works for your body (everyone is different – you must experiment), this is the best value for your buck.

The flavor is earthy, as expected with any unflavored hemp oil, but it’s well worth it.

Note: The “best value” badge is only earned by the 10-gram size tube of this product. The smaller 1-gram and 3-gram sizes are good if you want to sample the product for a couple of weeks, but you’ll want to eventually upgrade to the larger size to get that incredibly low price.

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Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Made By Hemp: CBD for Dogs (200mg)

Dogs benefit from CBD in the same way as humans because they share the same cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. With Made By Hemp CBD for Dogs, it’s extremely easy to measure out each serving and there are many ways to feed it to your pup. The most common method is dripping it over their food, but it can also be placed directly in their mouth, on a treat, or mixed into peanut butter.

Made By Hemp CBD for Dogs is made with full-spectrum hemp oil, containing 200mg CBD, and hemp seed oil which is great for your dog’s skin and fur.

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What product have YOU found to work best for you? Let us know so we can use your feedback to help others!

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