CBD Concentrate or Capsules: Which Is Best?

CBD Concentrate or Capsules: Which Is Best?

CBD oil is the extracted remains of marijuana plants after the THC has been taken. When the CBD is separated from the THC, it becomes a legal substance, and it is often used for anything from relaxation benefits to health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

What Should You Expect When Taking CBD Capsules?

Unlike CBD concentrate, CBD capsules need to be broken down by your digestive system before you start to feel the effects of the capsules. Thus, CBD capsules are generally not as potent and take longer to settle into the body. However, this can be a good thing if you are taking CBD capsules in order to try and lower the levels of inflammation in your body.

CBD capsules are a surprisingly convenient way to ingest CBD, because you can take it with you on trips, and you don’t have to measure out specific doses like you would need to with CBD concentrates.

Something you need to keep in mind when taking CBD capsules is that it will not enter your bloodstream nearly as quickly as CBD concentrates do, since they need to be broken down in your stomach. Therefore, it has less bioavailability in this form. On a positive note, it doesn’t possess nearly the same earthy flavor profile as CBD concentrate does. On the contrary, CBD capsules have almost no flavor whatsoever. 

What You Should Expect When Taking CBD Concentrate

The best way to consume CBD concentrate is with a dropper. Simply squeeze the dropper one or two times, and allow the CBD oil to just sit under your tongue in order to experience the full potency of the CBD product you are consuming. The sublingual gland will quickly absorb the CBD oil into your bloodstream, so you will notice the effects of the CBD concentrate sooner. Any leftovers from the CBD oil will be processed in your digestive tract.

What do CBD concentrates taste like? CBD concentrate tastes like any other plant or blade of grass you would place in your mouth as a kid. In other words, they taste smooth and earthy. Sometimes the CBD concentrates are mixed with essential oils to mask the flavor, but in most cases, CBD concentrates are an acquired taste that you need to spend time getting used to. This is especially true if you hold it under your tongue for the full 60 seconds that most products recommend. Depending on which company you purchase the CBD concentrates from, they may or may not add some sweeteners to lessen the natural and earthy flavor, such as peppermint or lime. 

Which One Is Better?

Neither the capsule nor concentrated CBD oil is technically better than the other. CBD has a higher level of biodegradability and can enter your bloodstream in a quicker manner; therefore, it packs more of a punch than capsules. If you don’t like the flavor of CBD oil, though, capsules would be a better option. 

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