CBD Helps in Reducing Pain and Discomfort of PMS

CBD, or cannabidiol, has the attention of the sphere of natural health the wellness. There is a growing list of CBD oil benefits that include PMS relief.

CBD is an active compound of cannabis. The association with weed is of no concern. CBD is not a producer of a mind-altering high. It contains almost no THC, which is the primary component in marijuana. The CBD oil, extracted from cannabis, mixes with oils such as coconut and almond, and early stages of research show it helps with pain relief.

How CBD Works Against PMS

Due to its ability to provide pain relief, many women turn to CBD to treat PMS symptoms. It also helps with mood swings. Women who used CBD report it makes them feel relaxed with none of the marijuana side effects. Instead, CBD is very subtle. Feeling calmer and having fewer anxious thoughts and headaches, decreased mood swings, and a feeling of well-being are claims made by those who use CBD for PMS.

CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory that helps with cramps. Science backs these claims from women who have used it. While testing for PMS was not the specific purpose of research, studies show CBD had positive results for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. CBD is useful in treating discomfort and irritability that comes in the premenstrual phase of women’s cycles.

It is a muscle relaxer and has strong anti-anxiety properties. CBD helps with overall tension, both psychic and physical, and menstrual cramps as well. It offers hope for irritating hormonal spots. Tests show CBD’s proven anti-inflammatory properties reduce sebum production and calm down breakouts.

Scientific Research Findings

The body has an endocannabinoid system and internal cannabis receptors throughout the body. Found in the central nervous system, brain, gut, nerves, and connective tissues, the receptors work with the ECS as a homeostatic regulator. That means the body attempts to maintain a balanced state in all cells.

Researchers found CBD oil promotes the body’s internal cannabinoids so that they function more effectively. It helps reduce inflammation and stress within the cells of the body. While more research is needed, scientists found that endometriosis has low cannabinoid receptor levels, leading experts to suggest that CBD oil may offer relief.

Things to Know

A note of caution comes with this information. CBD research is not complete. A lot of anecdotal evidence about using CBD for PMS symptoms, as well as preliminary studies into pain relief, exist. There are no published studies that were double blind and placebo controlled. Therefore, check with an herbal medicine practitioner, a qualified nutritionist, or your doctor before using CBD for PMS.

It is important to do research when choosing brands. Many companies are offering the product. It is commendable when a company sources non-GMO hemp that uses no pesticides or fertilizers when growing it. Seek products that come from full-spectrum extracts. The extracts are rich with CBD and are taken from the whole plant. Studies also indicate full-spectrum CBD is more effective than isolated CBD.

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