CBD Vape Oil for Treating Social Anxiety During Holiday Parties

The festive season is soon approaching, and with it comes the joy and merriments of interacting with family members and friends alike. However, for the socially awkward and recluse, dealing with an eventful and lively atmosphere can be a nerve-wracking experience. Nonetheless, out of the many tricks you can use to get your mind in gear for the upcoming festivities, CBD vape oils present a crucial solution to all your social anxiety woes.

Cannabinoid vape oils are not only safe but risk-free. Furthermore, researchers have proven its potent pharmacological effects to ease anxiety stemming from our neuron receptors. Therefore, if you’re looking to calm your mind before a festive holiday party, here’s how CBD vape oil can ease your anxiety.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical compound found within cannabis. Unlike THC located in raw cannabis plants, CBD oil cannot get users high because it doesn’t bind to special cannabinoid bran receptors. However, one can still experience some psychoactive effects of cannabis, such as decreased blood pressure, pain relief, anxiety reduction, and increased metabolic function.

There is a distinction between regular CBD oil extracts and CBD vape oil explicitly designed for inhalation. CBD vape oils come in a standard vape cartridge containing roughly 100 milligrams of cannabinoid with each puff. This is more than enough for users to begin to experience the positive effects of CBD.

How CBD Vape Oil Helps With Social Anxiety Disorder

In a group survey of individuals receiving CBD oil treatments for their depression and anxiety, 70% of the active participants reported improved anxiety symptoms. As a person vapes CBD oil, small electrical pulses are sent from the presynaptic cells to the synapse, neural junction. Through this, our brains begin to secrete endocannabinoids, which then causes our bodies to feel CBD effects in various ways. The endocannabinoid chemicals are then picked up by our body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout our system.

Insufficient endocannabinoids will overstimulate our neurons, resulting in stress and anxiety attacks. CBD vape oil helps provide sufficient enzymes for endocannabinoid production throughout our systems. This can help calm down individuals suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), depression, and fear stemming from the amygdala. Like most disorders, SAD is typically brought about by specific triggers that cause one to feel uneasy and to lose touch with basic social behaviors. The common triggers that cause social anxiety in a party or social gathering include:

    • Meeting new people or extended relatives
    • Being the focus of the festive party
    • Public speaking
    • Making eye contact
      • Conversing with an authoritative figure

Rest assured, if you’re feeling insecure at the thought of social situations, CBD vape oils help offset triggers that can cause social anxiety by keeping the mind balanced. This can give you an edge during social interactions with your family and loved ones during an upcoming festive party.

How to Prepare for Your Holiday Party With CBD Vape Oil

Users should typically vape some minutes before the party. Be sure to vape in a pleasant and relaxing place away from the venue to alleviate fear and stress. Vaping while on the venue will only fuel your social anxiety. Ideally, it would be best to vape while going on a relaxing walk around the block because it will give you time to gather your thoughts. This will help stimulate the hippocampus, keeping your brain well leveled, calm, and devoid of tension in anticipation of the holiday party.

In Summary

Preparing for a holiday party can be a big deal, especially if you suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). CBD vape oils can help keep you calm, relaxed, confident, and ready to have fun during an upcoming party this holiday season.

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