Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

If you are looking for a natural way to soothe and moisturize the skin, look no further than hemp seed oil for the skin to promote your skin’s overall wellness. Seeing a long list of unpronounceable ingredients in beauty products is not very comforting. With Made by Hemp products, you can confidently apply them to your skin, knowing you’re providing your body with safe and healthy nutrients.

What Can Hemp Seed Oil be Used for?


Hemp seed oil contains fats or lipids that are like those found in the skin. Restoring the supply of these lipids makes it an effective moisturizer for skin. Since it increases moisture and lipids, it can improve elasticity and hydration.

Relief for Acne and Skin Irritation

Conditions such as psoriasis are caused by a deficiency of omega-6 fatty acid. Luckily, hemp oil is extremely rich in this ingredient. It also hydrates the skin in a balanced way which makes it useful for eczema, dry, itchy skin, and even acne. Because hemp oil is a natural product with no known side effects, it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

Gentle Cleanser

Hemp oil can be used to gently cleanse the skin and dissolve makeup. To cleanse, it is recommended to dispense a small amount of oil into your hands and massage all over the face. Hemp seed oil will remove impurities when wiped away with a hot cloth but won’t strip the skin leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Our Products

Hemp has incredible nutritional benefits that not only benefit you on the inside; they can moisturize and keep your skin clear on the outside. Made by Hemp offers a wide variety of hemp seed oil skin care products for your general wellness. Whether you have sensitive skin or just prefer natural ingredients, you are sure to find a product that suits your needs.


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