Hemp Skin Care: The Natural Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry skin is more than just an inconvenience that comes with these cold winter months. For some of us, it’s the unpleasant reality of everyday life.

There are many paths to take in combatting the woes of dry skin, but after exhausting those options or noticing the harsh ingredients in even the highest praised products…it can be a little disheartening.

That’s where hemp swoops in to put your worries to rest.

What can CBD hemp skincare do for me?

Believed to be one of the very first plants ever cultivated, hemp is now used to make thousands of products; from clothing to skin care creams, and everything in-between. Hemp is part of the cannabis family but don’t run away just yet! It’s considered a cousin to marijuana and falls under different rules. Hemp is completely, utterly, totally non-psychotropic. When sourced properly, it can be used in supplements and skin care products without any legality issues.

Now, it’s important to understand that there are two types of hemp oil, and sometimes they are not very clearly distinguished in products.

The first is hemp seed oil.

hemp seed oil skincare

As you can probably deduce, it’s an oil pressed from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil and hemp seeds themselves are commonly found in the grocery store. What do you get from hemp seed oil? Amazing nutrition values, including omega-3, omega-6, trace minerals, and vitamins. In short, it’s very healthy for the body on the inside and out.

Next, let’s delve into hemp extract.

cbd hemp oil skincareThis oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant, EXCEPT the seeds. The whole plant extract does not contain omegas as hemp seed oil does, but it holds incredible values all on its own. The rare compounds found in hemp extract are cannabinoids and include Cannabidiol (CBD). Simply put, you will not find anything like CBD hemp extract in mainstream products. A lot of time and care goes into properly (and legally) sourcing this oil.

What’s in hemp extract oil that makes it such a great natural dry skin remedy? It contains a natural blend of compounds known as phytocannabinoids and terpenes. If you research those compounds, you’ll be met with incredible research and anecdotes. We don’t make medical claims, so if you’re interested in reading about that aspect, you’ll have to research it on your own. But it’s no secret; the information is at your fingertips.

Why choose CBD hemp as your natural remedy for dry skin?

Using a hemp oil product in your skin care routine is a natural way to improve your skin. No more worrying if the ingredients are counter-productively bad for your skin…mother nature knows what she’s doing. The terpenes in hemp extract are often used in aromatherapy, so even the smell of these products is good for your wellbeing.

cbd hemp skincareNothing compares to the robust hydrating and nutritional properties of hemp seed oil and hemp extract. If you’re looking to turn to a natural skin care route, hemp is the way to go. There’s bold scientific and anecdotal proof.

What is the best hemp oil for dry skin?

Facial skincare: achieve the dewy makeup look

Does your skin look dry and flaky when you put on foundation? Then you know it’s embarrassing at times and makes getting ready in the morning take a little longer.

Let us introduce you to the Hemp Face Serum. It has a nice, thick texture that provides your skin with all-day hydration. The oily texture is amazing when used as a base under makeup. A must-have for anyone dealing with dry skin types.

MBH Face Serum 1oz review natural remedy for dry skin“My makeup looks amazing over-top this product….it’s just magic in a bottle.”

Eliana Jalali, Professional Makeup Artist and Youtuber

Other facial skin care products which go very well in combination with this Serum are the Face Cleanser and Face Toner.


Hand and body hemp care

For smooth, hydrated hands and body, we recommend the powerful Hemp Moisturizer. The pump top makes it so easy to use and leaves no mess. Where most hemp lotions leave a persistently oily residue, our Hemp Moisturizer quickly absorbs into the skin leaving behind smooth, silky skin.

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