Michigan Legalizes Marijuana: What Now?

michigan legalize marijuana

Made By Hemp’s home state of Michigan became the first Midwest state to officially legalize cannabis today. Proposal 1 was voted on in November’s elections and approved with 56 % of the vote. Michigan’s Proposal 1 allows for the possession and transportation of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, and the possession of up to 10 ounces in a non-public location. Residents can grow up to 12 plants at home if they are not visible from a public place.

This law also legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. (It’s also the part of the law we’re most excited about) Though this law is now in effect in Michigan, it will still likely be at least a year or so before we start seeing retail stores pop up with recreational marijuana for sale.

Marijuana legal in michigan

What’s Next?

The Proposal 1 measure calls for state policymakers to develop rules and regulations for Michigan’s recreational marijuana industry. This process will take time as it has in other states, which is why we likely won’t see retail stores selling marijuana until 2020.

There are also parts of the law which are still being clarified.

How does this impact hemp and CBD?

Industrial hemp is also included with this legalization effort. The issue we see with hemp is… yet again… it is lumped with marijuana. Hemp is non-intoxicating and therefore should be regulated differently than marijuana. We do have good news on this front.

House Bills 6330, 6331 and 6380 have already passed in Michigan’s House of Representatives (by 100% of the vote) and are waiting to be approved by the state Senate. These bills will clear up the gray area surrounding hemp and CBD. While CBD is still legal in Michigan, it will clear up a lot of the confusion hemp companies like us face. These measures will also help launch hemp farming in Michigan, which will be an industry of its own as hemp can be cultivated to make many various products like textiles, biofuels, and more.

We are excited to see more people’s eyes opening to hemp and cannabis and will continue to do what we’ve always done, source and make the highest quality hemp supplements for you and your family. Our goal is to empower you, to live a healthier life.

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