Topical Solutions

Topical Solutions

Over the last several years, the trends in the beauty industry have continued to move towards the use of more natural remedies. Many topical and cosmetic skin care remedies are often too harsh and full of chemicals that can over dry the skin and leave it feeling sensitive. Made by Hemp offers a wide variety of topical solutions for treating the skin and other issues. CBD Hemp oil infused skincare and first aid products are completely natural and contain powerful compounds to help heal the skin.

Face & Body Topical Solutions

Facial Skincare

Hemp-based skincare is ideal for customers who are looking for a more gentle and moisturizing way to care for their skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD extract are great for calming problem skin and irritations. In addition to the CBD extract, the skin care lines offered also contain hemp seed oil which is both very moisturizing and balancing even for more oily skin types.

Body Skincare

The skin on the body goes through a lot of wear and tear over the year’s changes in the seasons, being exposed to the elements. This exposure can leave parts of the skin dry and irritated with the need for more moisture being put back into the skin that lasts longer than traditional lotions and creams. Traditional lotions and creams contain chemical fragrance and other additives. Our lotions are scented using natural essential oils and have a shelf life of six months which is a testament to the lack of preservatives and artificial ingredients that we put in our products.

First Aid Topical Solutions

Chemically driven topical solutions for common first-aid type ailments are a dime a dozen. Made by Hemp offers solutions for aching muscles, diaper rash, sun protection and much more. These more natural solutions are shooting as well as nourishing the skin all at the same time.

Learn More About Topical Solutions

Want to incorporate more natural solutions into your medicine cabinet and Skincare routine? Be sure to check out our entire health, beauty, and topical solution pages to see our entire offering. We strive to offer only the most natural and effective skincare for our customers. See why so many believe in the power of hemp and try one of our products today!

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