Why Is CBD So Expensive? How Does Price Affect Quality?

Have you ever asked yourself, why is CBD so expensive? Maybe some people have told you that it is a scarce product and its demand is high. While this is true, there are other good reasons for the high prices. Below are some of these reasons.

Hemp Farming Is Not Easy

Hemp farmers experience many difficulties when farming hemp since it needs to be inspected during its growth. For instance, these farmers need to often check the amount of THC in these plants. If it is too high, the plants have to be destroyed. To avoid such losses, hemp farmers need to constantly monitor the situation of their hemp plants.

Harvesting hemp is also not easy. A combine that has not previously harvested other crops is needed. Buying this machine to only use it to harvest one crop is expensive. As a result, many hemp farmers end up harvesting their crops manually.

CBD Refinement and Extraction Is Difficult

The process of extracting CBD is sophisticated. It requires the use of highly calibrated and expensive machines. Carbon dioxide or ethanol is also needed during its extraction.

Using ethanol during the extraction is less expensive than using carbon dioxide. However, companies that need to produce high-quality CBD products opt to extract CBD using carbon dioxide. As a result, these companies sell their CBD products at high prices.

The Development of Good CBD Oils Is Expensive

Companies that aim at developing good CBD oils do not just make them and start selling them. They research extensively to determine how to develop the best CBD oils. They also practice good manufacturing practices and enact strict testing and quality control to produce the best products. All this has contributed to the high prices of CBD.

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The Hampering of the Marketing and Distribution of CBD

CBD is distributed on a small-scale basis because of the regulations that govern its distribution. Bad actors in the CBD industry and CBD misconceptions have also led to this kind of distribution.

The small-scale distribution of CBD has made it a scarce product. Since its demand is high, CBD companies end up selling it at high prices.

How the Price of CBD Affects Its Quality

The price of CBD varies with quality. For instance, good quality CBD is likely to be pricier than poor quality CBD. This difference in pricing is attributed to the difference in the extraction method used. Companies that sell good quality CBD use the carbon dioxide extraction method, which is expensive. On the flip side, companies that sell poor-quality CBD use the ethanol CBD extraction method, which is cheap.

The current retail prices of CBD are high due to several issues. For instance, it is sold at high prices because hemp farming is expensive, and extracting CBD is difficult. However, it is worth spending money on high-priced CBD since it is likely to be of good quality.

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