How Much CBD Should I Take To Relax?

We all want to kick back and relax at the end of a long day. If you need a little help unwinding, CBD can support your chill session to another level. All you have to do is dial in the perfect amount and get cozy. 

Determining how much CBD to take to relax your mind and body depend on the form of CBD you’re using and how relaxed you want to be. Here’s what you need to know about using CBD for the perfect low-key evening at home.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant. Although some strains of this plant are known for producing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive substance, CBD is a completely different compound. Your body also makes and uses cannabinoids all the time. 

Your endocannabinoid system is a giant network of receptors throughout your body. You have cannabinoid receptors in your brain, organs, immune system, and skin. Your body’s natural cannabinoids interact with the system, but cannabinoids derived from hemp, like CBD, can also interact with these receptors. 

Some cannabinoids, like THC, will bind to these receptors and change how they work. Cannabinoid receptors help to send signals throughout your body. When THC sticks to them, it can change the messaging, making you feel “high.” 

However, CBD doesn’t bind to your receptors. It interacts with them, helping your body perform its natural functions.

This supports your body in reaching a state of homeostasis, which is a fancy way of saying “everything feels pretty balanced.” You’re most likely to notice the way it affects your mood. 

Many people find that CBD supports feelings of calm or relaxation throughout the day or helps them get a good night’s sleep.

How To Calculate Your CBD Dosage

The correct dosage of CBD is the dosage that feels right for you. CBD isn’t like a vitamin or supplement, where there’s a recommended daily value for your overall wellness. 

The benefits of CBD can be somewhat subjective. Some people only need a little bit to achieve their desired effects of CBD, while others might find that they need higher doses to experience the benefits. 

Most people who regularly use CBD will use between 20 and 40 mg of CBD per day. People who only use CBD for general wellness might use small doses between 10 mg and 15 mg daily. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. 

More CBD (25 mg to 50 mg) will produce a greater feeling of relaxation. If it’s your first time using CBD, start with 25 mg daily and see how it makes you feel. If you need a little more support to get a good night’s sleep, try taking another 25 mg. 

You might have to experiment a little bit. Most CBD research suggests that people can use up to 1,500 mg daily doses. That’s an incredibly high dose of CBD. You’ll never need anywhere close to that amount in a single day for feelings of calm. 

If you’re still unsure where to start, plenty of resources can help. You can try online dosage calculators that use metrics like your body weight and desired effect to suggest a dosage. 

You can also contact your local healthcare provider for medical advice, which can be especially helpful if you take other prescription medications.

How Can I Use CBD?

Different types of CBD work differently. There are huge differences between what you can expect from topicals, vape carts, sprays, oils, lotions, and edibles. 

It’s important to choose a form of CBD that suits your needs. You’ll need different amounts of each type to support feelings of relaxation.

Topical CBD

Topical CBD like creams and roll-ons can help ease feelings of tension, but not how you think. Topical CBD products don’t interact with your internal cannabinoid receptors, so there’s no bioavailability. Instead, topical CBD products combine CBD with natural relieving ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, and lavender to ease feelings of physical discomfort. 

Relaxing is easier when you are not experiencing physical discomfort and tension. Just don’t expect topical CBD to directly support a calm mood. 

You’ll need to use an internal form of CBD like CBD gummies for soothing your worries. You can safely use topicals in conjunction with other forms of CBD.

Vaping CBD

There are pros and cons to vaping CBD. The first pro is that you only need a minimal amount of CBD to experience benefits. One puff lasting about two seconds will provide enough CBD to support feelings of calm, and the benefits will be noticeable within minutes.

The biggest drawback is that you’re inhaling something. The safety of vaping isn’t well documented. The market is also full of shady or counterfeit vape cartridges

Many don’t contain what they claim, and the vape liquid may include harmful additives you’d prefer to avoid. We’re all about finding relief safely, so we don’t recommend vaping CBD. 


CBD oil, also known as CBD tincture, gets to work quickly. You use the dropper to place the drops in your mouth and hold them under your tongue. 

The tissue underneath your tongue is very thin. It soaks up some of the CBD particles and allows them to get to your bloodstream quickly. Because you feel the effects so quickly, you don’t need a lot. 

Many popular CBD oils contain between 20 mg and 30 mg per serving. You can try half a serving and see how that works for you. If you could use a little more, go for the full serving next time.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles, like gummies, are conveniently pre-measured doses of CBD. They move through your digestive system, and your body processes them, eventually releasing the CBD into your bloodstream. CBD edibles take a little longer to kick in, but the wait is worth it. 

Most people start with 25 mg edibles. People who want to ride a wave of calm relief all day long may use 50 mg of edible CBD daily. That’s one edible in the morning and another at night. 

What Kind of Relaxation Are You Looking For?

How and when you take your CBD is what’s most important. In most cases, a small amount of CBD will be enough to help you achieve your goal. 

Just put your CBD in context. How and when do you want to feel relaxed, and what do you plan to do after you feel nice and calm?

General Relaxation

CBD supports a calm mood. Most people feel lighter and more at ease when they use CBD. These benefits can come from your regular daily dose and should last throughout the day.

If You’re Feeling Tense or Nervous

If you’re in a stressful situation and you find yourself thinking, “whoa, I need to chill out right now,” you might need a substantial amount of CBD. A 25 mg edible or 20 mg of CBD oil can support you through tense situations like public speaking or a big exam. 

Since you’re seeking benefits for an immediate purpose, what matters the most is when you use your CBD. CBD oil can take up to 45 minutes to kick in fully, and CBD edibles can take up to two hours. 

If you know you’ll need it, use it preemptively. Have your own back and plan ahead.

A Post-Workout Relaxation Session

After a workout, your muscles might ache a little bit. Try using 25 mg of CBD oil or CBD edibles and applying a CBD relief topical to the muscles you worked out. 

If you don’t get sore until the morning after a workout, you can hold off on the topical until your muscles tell you they want it. Always listen to your body.

If You’re Ready for Bed

CBD doesn’t make you drowsy, but can make you feel relaxed enough for sleep. You need to do your part to make bedtime go smoothly. Stop drinking caffeine after lunch, keep your room nice and cool, wear your comfiest pajamas, and put your devices away. 

Although sleep requires the maximum amount of relaxation, you don’t necessarily need to take more CBD than you normally would. You can use a 25 mg CBD edible infused with other things that work to support a good night’s sleep. 

Combining CBD with natural sleep aids like melatonin, lemon balm, L-Theanine, and chamomile can help to support good sleep.

Prioritize Your Wellness with CBD

CBD might feel like magic, but it’s all science. While CBD can help, make mindful choices that prioritize your wellness. 

If you take CBD and then play a very intense game of full-contact football, parachute out of an airplane, or go drag racing, you’re not going to feel relaxed. You have to help your CBD help you, and that means setting the perfect stage.

Establishing a better bedtime routine and finding relaxing hobbies can go a long way in supporting your mood. Maybe you feel more at ease when gardening, journaling, meditating, or playing retro arcade games. Find your zen zone, wherever it may be, and plan to spend some time there every day. 

CBD can help to give you a little nudge in the right direction. You might feel like you can make the most of your “me” time with CBD on your side. Make CBD a part of your self-care ritual, and carve out the time for yourself that you deserve. 

Relaxing with Pure Relief

Pure Relief’s vegan hemp nighttime gummies contain 25 mg of CBD per piece. You don’t have to measure anything out. Just take one out of the bag, and you’re all set. 

Our nighttime formula is infused with melatonin, L-theanine, and chamomile to help your body and mind wind down for the night. Relax and have sweet dreams with Pure Relief. 


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