3 Reasons Why Women Should Consider CBD Oil for Menopause

Most women are familiar with hormonal milestones early in life: A preteen girl may look forward to getting her first period, and a twenty-something might feel prepared for pregnancy after seeing her older sisters deal with common body changes that come with carrying a child. Menopause is often the least-talked-about transition in a woman’s life, but it happens to every woman — and it may take you by surprise if you are not ready for it.

You may not have dramatic symptoms, or you may have hot flashes that contribute to insomnia, mood swings that strain your relationships, and chronic pain that changes how much activity you can do on a daily basis. Below are three ways in which taking CBD oil for menopause may provide you with the symptom relief you’ve been looking for.

1. CBD Can Promote Better Sleep

Women who experience extreme flashes of heat followed by sweating and chills may find themselves constantly uncomfortable — even at nighttime. Using CBD oil for women’s endocrine system symptoms may help you decrease hot flashes and sleep better as a result. CBD is commonly used as a treatment for sleep disorders as well.

2. CBD Helps To Regulate the Secretion of Cortisol

Cortisol is often referred to as the “stress hormone”. It can make the symptoms of nearly every psychiatric condition worse, and the mood swings that often occur with menopause are no exception. CBD oil for menopause can help lower cortisol to improve the feelings of stress and anxiety that arise during this time of life.

3. CBD May Alleviate Pain

Due to hormonal shifts, menopause sometimes arrives with the onset of joint pain and body aches. CBD is often used to treat chronic pain related to several diseases. It may help with menopausal joint and muscle pain by reducing the body’s overactive inflammatory response during this stage of life.

If you haven’t found the right treatment for nagging symptoms such as hot flashes and backaches, don’t give up yet! CBD oil for menopause can provide powerful, holistic relief for many symptoms related to the transition into this phase of life.

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