Can CBD Help Parkinson’s Disease Patients With Speech Changes?

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that affects a person’s ability to control movement. Symptoms include tremors, balance and coordination issues, swallowing problems and rigid muscles. Scientists are studying the use of CBD for motor disorders such as Parkinson’s.

Voice problems and difficulty speaking are common problems for Parkinson’s disease patients. It is estimated that between 75% and 90% of people with Parkinson’s disease will develop speech changes, though one study revealed that more than 90% reported communication symptoms.

What About CBD for Neurologic Disorders?

Research has shown evidence that CBD can play a role in preventing movement disorders such as Parkinson’s. Animal studies indicate that due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD produced positive results when administered before or immediately after the brain manipulation that imitates Parkinson’s.

These findings suggest there is a possibility that CBD slows the progression of the disease. However, protective effects stopped after one week. Also, in the few studies with humans, CBD did not appear to affect motor skills. This information suggests CBD may have more of a protective role than a therapeutic role.

Another study demonstrated, though, that CBD helped Parkinson’s patients reduce the frequency of REM sleep disorder effects, suggesting that CBD improves sleep for these patients. CBD also helped patients reduce psychotic symptoms.

The antispasmodic and anti-convulsive properties of CBD oil and its effects on Parkinson’s tremors are currently underway.

Can CBD Help With Parkinson’s Speech Changes?

In 2020, researchers in a Brazilian study gave Parkinson’s patients either a placebo or 300 mg of CBD before a public-speaking test. For many people, giving a speech is anxiety-inducing, so the study aimed to see if CBD affected anxiety and tremors induced by a Simulated Public Speaking Test. Results showed patients who were given CBD demonstrated an anxiety reduction. It also showed a decrease in tremor amplitude in an anxiogenic or anxiety-causing situation.

Research data suggest that there is hope for the use of CBD for motor disorders such as Parkinson’s, but more extensive studies and broader samples are needed. Patients interested in using CBD for speech or swallowing problems should consult a physician on the appropriate dosage of CBD for Parkinson’s speech changes.

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