Can CBD Oil Help Manage My Chronic Somatic Pain?

Pain is universal to the human condition and comes in many forms. One common type is somatic pain.

What Is Somatic Pain?

While the term may be unfamiliar, most people have experienced somatic pain. It is felt in the skin, muscles or tissue.

Somatic pain differs from visceral pain, which takes place in the internal organs.

What Causes Somatic Pain?

When sensory nerves, or nociceptors, pick up temperature changes, vibrations or swelling in the muscles, joints or skin, they associate these variations with tissue damage. Nociceptors send pain signals to the brain. Somatic pain can be one of two types:

•         Superficial: This type of somatic pain comes from the skin and mucus membranes. It is described as sharp, throbbing or burning.

•         Deep: This type of pain comes from the muscles, joints, bones or tendons. It can feel dull and aching.

How Is Somatic Pain Treated?

Pain treatment depends on its cause and severity. Mild, acute pain from a minor injury such as a knee scrape or muscle cramp can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers, including ibuprofen. Deeper or long-lasting pain, such as a broken bone or back injury, can be treated with muscle relaxants. Opioids are sometimes prescribed for chronic, severe pain. Opioids carry a risk of substance abuse.

Patients with persistent pain may wonder if or how CBD oil can help. Research has shown that CBD is very promising as a treatment for chronic pain. CBD does not cause the psychological effects of marijuana because it does not contain THC. It is not addictive and can potentially replace opioids. In addition, CBD side effects are generally minimal if present at all. Because it can help with mental function, CBD can potentially treat the physical and mental symptoms of psychosomatic disorder.

While research is ongoing, many people report treating pain successfully with CBD.

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