CBD for Orgasm Disorder. How CBD Increases Pleasure?

What Are the Symptoms of Orgasm Disorder?

The main symptom of orgasm dysfunction is the inability to reach sexual climax. For some people, however, the disorder may cause them to take longer to reach climax or, if they do reach climax, for the orgasm to be unsatisfactory. The symptoms a person experiences will largely depend on the type of orgasm dysfunction he or she has:

•         Primary Anorgasmia, which prevents a person from ever achieving orgasm

•         Secondary Anorgasmia, which causes difficulty reaching climax despite having orgasmed before

•         Situational Anorgasmia, which occurs when a person cannot obtain an orgasm during certain sexual circumstances, such as while masturbating or receiving oral sex

•         General Anorgasmia, which occurs when a person cannot achieve climax ever, regardless of the circumstances, or even when he or she is highly aroused

What Causes Orgasm Disorder?

It is often difficult for health professionals to determine the underlying cause of orgasm dysfunction. However, research indicates that several emotional, physical and psychological factors play a role in the disorder. Among those include age, existing medical conditions, shyness, feelings of inadequacy, cultural or religious beliefs, history of sexual abuse, relationship troubles, stress and mental health conditions.

How CBD Can Help

The use of CBD for sexual desire is becoming increasingly popular. Of individuals who tried CBD for erectile dysfunction or orgasm disorder, 68% said it improved their overall sexual experience and put them in a greater state of mind to achieve climax. Improved mood often correlates to greater sexual desire. Not only that, but another study reveals that women who enter sexual encounters while in a good mood are more likely to orgasm.

In addition to improving mood, CBD can lessen anxiety and performance anxiety, both of which can interfere with a person’s ability to orgasm. In fact, for most women, orgasm happens at the intersection of peak relaxation and peak arousal. As CBD helps individuals relax, using it right before intercourse can make it easier for them to experience pleasure.  

Finally, CBD can help alleviate pain. For women who experience pain during intercourse, CBD can help relax the vaginal muscles, reduce inflammation and lessen or even eliminate the symptoms of pain during intercourse.

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