How CBD Can Help Cats With Kidney Disease

It can be difficult to monitor your cat’s health, especially because they tend to hide any discomfort they experience. That’s why routine vet exams are so important. Kidney disease is of particular concern in cats because it can manifest long before any noticeable symptoms appear. In more advanced stages, all that can be done is to slow the disease’s progression to kidney failure.

If your cat has been diagnosed with this condition, you may be interested to learn how CBD can help cats with kidney disease.

Cats and Kidney Disease: What You Should Know

“Kidney disease” is a broad term that usually refers to dysfunction of the kidneys resulting from any number of factors, such as infection, injury, or malfunction of other systems in the body.

“Chronic kidney disease” specifically refers to a gradual loss of kidney function, eventually leading to kidney failure. Although it can occur at any age, it usually affects older felines.

Early symptoms of kidney disease are difficult to spot but can include minor weight loss and drinking more water than usual. For cats in later stages of kidney disease, those symptoms will be more pronounced and may be accompanied by loss of appetite, lethargy, poor coat condition, or bad breath.

How CBD Can Help Cats With Kidney Disease

There is no evidence that CBD can treat chronic kidney disease in terms of healing the condition. However, it can help alleviate discomfort and keep your kitty more comfortable. Some of the symptoms it may help with include:

  • Nausea. Some cats may experience vomiting and nausea with the condition.
  • Pain. Kidney problems can make urination painful. More general pain can also occur as the kidneys begin to fail.
  • Anxiety. Feeling physically sick can lead to stress and anxiety.

Ask Your Vet About CBD for Cats

Your veterinarian will have the best advice about giving CBD to your feline friend. It may be helpful in conjunction with other therapies, or worth a try if other options have failed. Important considerations include proper dosages and potential interactions with medications.  Kidney disease or kidney failure is never a diagnosis you want to hear. However, you don’t need to panic right away. It’s not good news, but cats in early stages often have years ahead of them with early intervention. Even for advanced cases, there are usually options available to alleviate the symptoms for a while, such as CBD.

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