Understanding CBD Benefits for High Blood Pressure in Parkinson’s Disease

How Parkinson’s Disease Can Affect Your Blood Pressure

Parkinson’s disease is typically thought of as a neurological disease that makes a patient’s hands shake, but it’s much more complicated. Parkinson’s and the medications that patients take for the condition can contribute to both high and low blood pressure. Low blood pressure symptoms often include dizziness and falling, while high blood pressure may have no distinct “feelings” associated with it. It’s well known, though, that high blood pressure can contribute to heart disease, stroke, and other health issues that can be avoided by lowering the patient’s blood pressure. 

Medications used to treat high blood pressure often cause symptoms that make patients feel worse including headaches, heart palpitations, heartburn, nausea, and dry mouth. High blood pressure medications, when taken the wrong way, can even make your blood pressure drop too low. Consider CBD benefits for high blood pressure when deciding whether you want to stay with conventional treatment or use a natural add-on treatment to manage your high blood pressure.

How CBD Can Help Parkinson’s Patients With Sexual Dysfunction

CBD can help Parkinson’s patients with high blood pressure to keep their numbers in control and lower their blood pressure. CBD benefits for high blood pressure include reducing resting blood pressure and heart rate. It’s important to speak with your doctor if you are thinking about using CBD for this purpose to make sure you are a good candidate for this type of supplemental treatment, but also to ensure that it does not conflict with any of your other medications. Typically, CBD is incredibly safe and is used as an add-on treatment in conjunction with Parkinson’s medications. It also shows promise in the treatment of MS, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

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