Svn (7) Questions with Comfortable Adventures - Hemp You Can Move In

1. Hi Jeein! Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your company?  

Hi Svn Space! I'm Jeein, the founder of Comfortable Adventures. We launched last spring with a mission to make the comfiest pants you can climb in. 

I started indoor rock climbing many years ago and eventually fell in love with outdoor climbing because of the connection to nature. Not only did climbing change the way I experience the outdoors but it was also a way for me to meet new people. I was going to the climbing gym multiple times a week and climb outside on the weekends. I loved it. But I quickly realized I didn’t love what I was wearing while climbing. Leggings were uncomfortable after a couple of hours and “normal” climbing pants were synthetic, too restricting or didn’t look great. What I wanted to wear was simple — a pair of natural, comfortable, well fitting pants that were sustainable. I started to look in the market but they were either poorly made or weren't designed with a climber’s needs in mind. So I decided to make my own.

Up until now, I spent my entire career designing in the apparel industry (and I actually started out designing pants). I know the industry and the process, so I started sourcing fabrics and made a couple prototypes. And I got to meet some amazing ladies along the way — climbers and hikers who wanted to be part of the development process to help make a great pair of pants they’d want to wear.

After 18 months of developing the perfect pants, I quit my job and decided to take the full-time plunge! 

2. What inspired you to name your company “Comfortable Adventures”? 

You can take our pants from cliff to couch to everywhere in between. Comfort is everything to us. Because comfort also means providing comfort for mother nature. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do from our hemp fabric to the low impact dye we use to the compostable packaging we ship our products in. Our pants are comfortable for you and the planet, and we celebrate all of life’s adventures. That’s what inspired our name.

3. Why do you use hemp fabric?

We think hemp is the perfect sustainable fabric to be worn outside by the people who love the outdoors. I was first exposed to hemp fabric when designing for Woolrich back in my NYC days. So hemp has been on my radar for years before I launched Comfortable Adventures. I was also following Robert Jungmann — the founder Jungmaven, and was captivated by the work he was doing to bring awareness of hemp to the masses. From there, I fell into a rabbit hole of all things hemp — from its versatility to its complex history in the US, to how it can combat climate change. The more I thought about what kind of brand I wanted to build, and the more I read about hemp, it became clear what fabric I had to use.

4. What makes hemp “magical”?

Hemp is magical for a lot of reasons! Hemp fibers offer many natural properties like UV protection and thermoregulation. It's also breathable, antimicrobial, and mildew resistant which means you can get more play time between each wash. All of our garments are soft, comfortable and protect you from the elements. So our hemp apparel is perfect for kicking back inside and adventuring outside.

Hemp also represents a brighter and a healthier future for us. By using hemp, we’re helping to offset years and years of air, water and land pollution. Hemp is our way of getting closer to nature. Hemp is our way of fighting climate change. Hemp is our way of fighting systemic racism. Hemp is activism. 

5. What are some of the challenges you face working with hemp fabric?

More and more brands are incorporating hemp into their line which is exciting, but hemp has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream. That means right now, the fabric costs more than what people are used to. But we see this as an opportunity to communicate and inform our community about what hemp is, what kind of impact it has on the environment, what it means when you buy hemp and more. We want to be a brand that empowers our consumers to vote with their dollars so they know that when you buy hemp, you are making a difference.

6. What else can you tell us about your pants?

At first glance, they just look like a well fitted, classic pair of pants. And that was always the intention. But when you look closer, they are full of practical details that make them perfect for adventures. Other than the super soft fabric, the big part of what makes these pants so comfortable is that they fit so well. They were designed with climbers in mind but it turns out we have repeat customers that are non-climbers who wear them to work, on dates and just live in them every day. That’s what makes these pants great for any kind of adventure you’re taking. 

7. What’s next for Comfortable Adventures? Anything else you would like to add? 

Well, I’m a new mom, so we’ve been moving a little slower these last few months! But I’m excited to introduce new color ways in our flagship Hemp Send Pants this holiday. We also have some exciting collaborations coming down the pipeline around hemp and sustainability. 

Last thing I’d like to add is that whatever you choose to wear on your life’s adventures, just remember that you vote with your wallet. So shop with brands you align with. Read about them and see what they care about. You have the power to make a difference as a consumer.

To learn more about Comfortable Adventures, visit their website here.


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About Comfortable Adventures:

Our mission is to produce low impact, high comfort hemp goods to modern outdoors womxn in the pursuit of comfortable adventure.

Powered by hemp, we’re taking a natural approach to adventure apparel with the focus on sustainability, transparency and inclusion. We’ve pledged and stand in solidarity with the Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge.

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