The Past Present and Future Vision for Hemp

On 4/22/22, we celebrate a milestone and a significant day for a plant that has provided so much to humankind. Firstly, on Earth Day, we celebrate Mother Earth for giving us a reason, a mission and LIFE. And we honor a natural gift Mother Earth has provided us with cannabis. Secondly, we celebrate our 5th year Anniversary despite hurdles from continued censorship online to confusion that remains with the public. We are grateful WE.ARE.STILL.HERE.

Like cannabis and Hemp, we are relentless in our pursuit to educate the masses and uncover and discover the truth, the research, the opportunities and the innovation.

As we reflect on the past 5 years, we asked a few of our peers to reflect with us as we asked them to answer 3 questions:

When I first started...

As I reflect now...

My hope for the future...

The responses received reflecting on the past, present and future provides us with so much hope and excitement for this Industry. We want to take this moment to thank Mother Earth for providing us with this incredible plant, thank our partners who support our mission and thank our community for staying by our side. The best is yet to come…


When I first started my business, I was very hopeful that women would be running the hemp revolution. As I reflect now, it's discouraging that the number of women executives in cannabis has been decreasing. I'm encouraged, however, by the supportive collaboration that women have within the industry. My hope for the future is that genuine opportunities for inclusion will grow. I hope that barriers to funding, support, and prevailing stigmas wane. I also sincerely hope that we work to grow and distribute this sustainable plant in sustainable ways. Learn more about Floramye here and follow on Instagram @floramye


When I first started, my farm in 2018, I never knew just how divisive and spiritually raggedy the cannabis/plant-based wellness space can be. As I reflect now, I realize that the commoditized cannabis and wellness industries were built with very specific players in mind. There are a lot of herb-filled hypocritical dusty throats who have yet to grow a conscience, let alone a medicinal plant. That energy is antithetical to who Green Heffa Farms is and what we represent.  My hope for the future is to see more BIPOC women leading in the production and profitability of plant- based wellness. And that the cannabis/plant-based wellness space is reflective of the unity that many espouse.  Learn more about Green Heffa Farm here and follow on Instagram @greenheffafarm


When I first started making hemp swimwear I didn’t know if people would understand that it is possible to wear anything other than polyester and nylon. I had no clue if they would even give me a chance and try it. We’ve been brainwashed for decades that unnatural fibers were the only possible fabric for swimwear. Some people laughed at me and asked me if they could eat it too. As I reflect now, I see the whole swimwear industry changing its ways and moving away from polyester towards plant-based swimwear. It feels so rewarding to see that my initial step towards opening the industry's eyes to do better and eliminate microfiber pollution caused by polyester and nylon has had an effect.  My hope for the future is that we have more designers that honestly care about the environment, people and animals. Not only designers, but customers too. In the end of the day, we make what we buy and that is the only way our business can survive. My mission is to build a brand strong enough to have a voice of its own and the power to make a change. Learn more about Natasha Tonić here and follow on Instagram @natashatonic


When we first started The Raw Botanics Co., we had no idea how difficult it would be to educate consumers on our quality and mix of ingredients and impact the products could potentially have on their daily life. As we reflect now, we would have created MUCH more educational content and videos prior to our launch to explain the importance of each product and potential results. My hope in the future is that CBD and related products become FDA approved for use with a much wider adoption to create an impact on people's lives.  Learn more about Raw Botanics here and follow on Instagram @rawbotanicsco


When I first started ZahZee, my goal was to create the healthiest undergarments possible. Hemp undergarments are naturally antimicrobial, breathable, soft, and durable. Plus, they're incredibly eco-friendly as they require 50% less water than standard cotton, substantially less energy, and they remove CO2 emissions. My hope for the future is that hemp continues to be embraced -- so that we can take advantage of its unique properties to support our health and reduce our impact on the planet. Learn more about ZahZee here and follow on Instagram @wearzahzee 



When I first started working with hemp, I never thought it would be so complicated to do business in hemp or it would take as long as it has for the FDA to make a ruling on this miraculous plant when it comes to CBD. However, as I reflect now, I am awe struck on how much collective heavy lifting hemp supporters have done to get it to where it is today and I am so grateful for those that came before us and for the work we all continue to do today. My hope for the future is this plant will be embraced by all for all it can offer us and our planet. I hope that we will see it replace cotton in everyday items like tampons and toilet paper, replace plastics in so as many applications as possible and that hemp can allow our planet can. Learn more about Winged Wellness here and follow on Instagram @wingedwomen




When I first started looking into Hemp, the industry felt completely void of diversity of product and information focused on Hemp. This has been the North Star for Svn Space since day 1, to help fill this void of education.  Now it feels much more developed since five years ago. So much development, progress, interest, innovation, education and acceptance. I’m proud that Svn Space played a role in this beautiful plants expansion within society.  This said, we have a long way to go, still. We have regulation to work on and help establish even more acceptance amongst mainstream. I have no doubt this will all manifest. This plant is too amazing to ignore. We must relish in the abundance Mother Nature has provided us with.


As I reflect now, as an influential Media enterprise with big shoes to fill, I am grateful we launched our second print issue with an elevated focus. Cannabis wellness, beauty, food, fashion and industrial uses are starting to scratch the surface. I am grateful for business partners, both past and present and our community that have supported our mission and vision from the onset. As we continue to forge ahead despite the challenges that remain, I am proud to witness key milestones within the last 5 years from decriminalization to more normalized acceptance on cannabis wellness. I am thrilled to see companies, community and peers we launched with still here today and standing by our side as we continue to educate and highlight this versatile and vigorous plant.


My hope for the future is that hemp evolves into a mainstream solution to issues surrounding our planet. This plant has so much to give and needs to be brought to light today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Learn more about Svn Space here and follow on Instagram @svnspace

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