It’s Not Too Late to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

We surveyed our customers not so long ago, about what their New Year’s Health and Wellness Resolutions were and about how they were planning to use CBD products to support in achieving these goals. Over one thousand of our customers shared what they have set out to achieve in 2018 and we want all of our customers to know we are here to support you every step of the way.

As a company, we set our own 2018 goals and revisited our mission statement to reflect who we as a company want to be in 2018. Here is our new mission statement:

The CBDistillery™ is more than just a supplier of CBD products, we are thought-leaders, provoking change across the cannabis industry. We aim to consistently demonstrate humility, compassion, and respect for those we have the privilege of serving by providing access to innovative high-quality CBD products, access to education, and research and testimonials. Our mission is to lead the #CBDMOVEMENT by spreading knowledge about CBD to the masses.

Our hope is that you, our customers will hold us accountable to this mission statement. In return, here are 7 of the health and wellness resolutions you told us you are focusing on as well as tips on how to put your best foot forward and turn your resolutions into a success!

So how are you doing so far?

It’s Not Too Late!

Are you on target, taking positive steps and marching toward your personal resolution? If you have procrastinated in starting or even fallen off the path, its okay! It isn’t too late, to jump back on the horse! Here are some tips and tricks to achieving your 2018 goals.

Resolution #1 

Overall Better Health

The Plan

Baby Steps. This is a big and lofty goal but not unreachable. The key to reaching any goal of sizable consideration is to employ baby steps. If you were one of the many citing better overall health as your personal resolution, employing baby steps will help. This may look like getting to the gym four days a week or cutting fast food out of your diet. The idea is to create obtainable and measurable short-term goals. Using small goal like these (baby steps) will provide motivation and help to keep you moving forward.

Resolution #2

Start a New Fitness Routine

The Plan

Fun and Manageable. The motivations behind starting a new fitness routine could be many. Maybe you want to take your health to the next level and now that your diet is getting better this is the next step. It could be that you just want to add some physical activity to your sedentary lifestyle. Whatever your reason, keep it fun and make it manageable. If it isn’t enjoyable are you going to stick with it? With your hectic schedule, can you really commit to six days a week? Find a routine you like and a schedule that is realistic.

Resolution #3

Lose Weight

The Plan

Eat the Right Way. It was just a matter of time before weight loss appeared somewhere on the list right? Many of our customers and about half the world make this resolution every year. What people most often miss and are never told often enough is that a healthy diet is as much about how you eat as it is what you eat. Eat six to eight times a day and control your portions. Doing this will force your metabolism to work and help prevent your body from storing food (fat).

Resolution #4

Breaking Bad Habits

The Plan

The Reward System. Trying to break a bad habit? Many of our customers said that they made this their New Year’s resolution. Try using a reward system. Positive reinforcement works and your brain can be trained. Give yourself a treat (you know what you like!) every time you stop yourself, go a week or have a breakthrough toward breaking those bad teeth grinding, nail-biting habits.

Resolution #5

Get More Sleep

The Plan

Schedule Plus Sleep Aid. Stick to a schedule, train your brain and your body. Sometimes using additional aids to help you get on a schedule can be useful. Our customers have cited that some of our most popular products help promote falling and staying asleep longer.

Resolution #6

Eat Healthier

The Plan 

Find a Few Favorites. Overall health includes eating smart and losing weight but is also about what you eat. It may take some time for your palate to adapt to less fatty, less salty and less healthy foods. Find a few staple foods early on that you can rely on. The key is to train your brain to crave these healthier foods rather than the junk it was once used to. This takes time (they say it takes 21 days to break a habit), but once you are over the curve your body will thank you.

Resolution #7

Stress Reduction

The Plan

You Time. The world is chaotic, crazy and constant. What we need is a refuge and those moments of peace and sanity. Take time for yourself and literally schedule some time to do nothing every week, just “you” time. Still having a difficult time controlling your response to stress? Many of our customers have reported successfully using CBD products as a way to find mental and physical relief, contributing towards overall better health.

It isn’t too late and there is plenty of 2018 left to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Please let us know if there are any ways that we can support you!

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