What is CBD Wax? CBD Wax vs Oil

What is CBD Wax?

While CBD is most commonly thought of in its oil form, there are various extract forms of CBD hemp products. Like all things CBD-related, for reasons not pertinent to this discussion, the education and information regarding CBD products have been muted or muffled. One of those products is CBD wax.

CBD wax, despite its lack of acclaim, is nearly as available and common as CBD oil. Is wax better, better for certain applications and uses, are they interchangeable? These and many questions will probably arise once you begin investigating CBD waxes. Let’s start with the basics…

CBD Wax – What It Is

We know that candles are made of wax. There are also other common uses for wax like crayons, beeswax and even everyday lip balm uses wax. With CBD the extracts will form as an opaque oil. These oils are more solidified (resulting from a crystallization of the oils) than most typical oils. With regards to CBD wax, however, like most waxes, it can take on a varying number of forms.

The “purging” process is what defines the variations in the texture, moisture and various aspects of the resulting wax. Purging hemp-based CBD is essentially a crystallization process of nucleated fat lipids.

The Different Types of CBD Wax

If you aren’t well versed in the CBD industry, you will probably be surprised to find very few products actually labeled just, CBD “wax.” What you will find, are labels such as “Wax,” “CBD budder,” or “CBD Crumble.” Don’t worry, this isn’t as confusing or as complex as it sounds.

These are all forms of CBD wax, each label is simply indicative of a particular type of wax form. Going slightly deeper, the advantage of our CBD wax and our process is that unlike isolate products, the terpenes come through naturally rather than being added.

All of our waxes are made through chromatography, meaning there is 0% THC in our wax. Hemp-based CBD products are great options for those looking for a 0% THC product but with terpenes and other natural, minor cannabinoids that offer potential health benefits.

The Entourage Effect

One of those benefits is known as the “entourage effect,” and it is availed through CBD products that contain those aforementioned cannabinoids. The principle is that these cannabinoids work with and promote each other, in effect creating an interactive synergy between them.

Here is a quick look at the methods and the various labels you will find when searching for CBD wax.


Waxes like our newest 80% Broad Spectrum for our cannabis connoisseurs is a delightful mix of CBD and CBG. CBD Budder and Crumble have their perks as we will see but traditional wax has always been convenient and versatile. Like the best CBD products, it is pure and natural for all your CBD needs in a convenient wax form.

CBD Budder

More like the consistency you would find in your everyday cooking butter found in the kitchen, this form was aptly dubbed “Budder.” CBD Budder is produced by using greater temperatures and increased air pressure during the purging process. CBD Budder, as you might expect, is fluffier and waxier but no less potent.

CBD Crumble

Apologies for those of you who aren’t fans but try to picture feta cheese. In many ways similar to that texture and how it crumbles, this was adorned the label CBD “Crumble.” While this wax is derived from a more typical extraction process, the difference is that this wax uses a pre-purged oil. That pre-purged CBD oil contains more moisture is a heavier, thicker oil. This produces the unique wax texture of Crumble, which is also known for having a distinct flavor.

Using CBD Wax

Is it edible? Is it effective topically, will my skin absorb it? How do us use CBD wax exactly?

While wax is edible, oil is likely a better and healthier option. Provided the wax form contains some acting solvent, yes your skin can absorb it. There are specific products on the market for just that purpose. Typically speaking, if the wax isn’t specified for or designed to be a type of rub or ointment, it is likely intended for vaping.

Vaping CBD Wax

If you vape or if you are familiar with the CBD or hemp world, the term “dabbing” is something you are probably familiar with or know about. It is simply the process of heating the wax and placing a small pellet-sized amount on your pen coil. The wax then vaporizes upon heating and hence, users are now vaping as the inhale.

What is the Best CBD Wax for You?

Everyone is different, from our chemistry to our DNA to how our body processes and digests, which means the best wax form for you will most likely depend on you. Experiment with what best works for you and what techniques have the most desired impact. Vape, roll, oils or ointments – your body and how you respond will tell you what works – and what works best.

CBD oils and isolates are the initial result of extracting CBD from the plant. While these oils are then purged to produce wax, the potency remains intact and the effectiveness of oil versus wax is dependent on the user.

CBD wax is just another way to experience the benefits of this amazing new industry and it could be the best way for you to experience CBD – but that’s for you to decide. Wax, Budder or Crumble – there is likely a CBD product perfect for you!


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