Where Can I Buy CBD and Hemp Oil?

Today, there is a considerable amount of information on the internet detailing the potential benefits of CBD. For the most part, these reports are incredibly encouraging, especially for those looking for a natural, alternative supplement. But as a consumer-ready to take a leap into the cannabidiol market, how does one navigate selecting a reliable and safe product that is worth the investment? Through this article, we will provide guidance for what to look for when purchasing CBD oil or other CBD products as well as three options of where to purchase CBD extracts.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species, Cannabis Sativa L, but are grown for different purposes. Hemp – also called industrial hemp- is one of the oldest plants known to man, dating back to 8000 BC. The plant itself is typically tall and thin and cultivated to produce food, oils, paper, other textiles, and high CBD extractions. Marijuana plants, on the other hand, are bred for their psychotropic properties.

The levels of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis plants, is what legally distinguishes which plants are considered hemp and which are considered marijuana. High levels of THC (3 -15%) is found in higher concentrations in marijuana plants, whereas industrial hemp status is given to cannabis plants with THC levels less than .3%. The molecule cannabidiol (CBD) is the same regardless of which plant it was extracted from (click here for more information on hemp CBD versus marijuana CBD).  The two main differences between CBD derived from either cannabis plant is the legality and desired effect when combined with THC.


In compliance with Federal Law and the Farm Bill, under the Appropriation Acts of 2016, CBD extracted from industrial hemp (less than .3% THC) can be “transported, processed and sold” nationwide. Because of this law, consumers are able to obtain CBD products derived from hemp without acquiring a medical marijuana card or without living in a state where cannabis products are sold. CBD derived from marijuana plants are not federally legal, and are only accessible in states with pro-cannabis or CBD laws.

Desired Effect

As previously mentioned, when derived from marijuana plants, CBD is regularly paired with a higher ratio of THC than when CBD is derived from hemp plants. When a CBD product has a 1:1 ratio with THC, consumers will often feel the psychoactive effects of THC. It is advised that when purchasing a CBD product, one is aware of how much THC they will be consuming and how it will affect the desired outcome. These two differences distinguish where you can purchase certain CBD products, which is the topic we will cover next.

Three places to buy CBD

Online Retailers

Again, in compliance with Federal Law, CBD derived from industrial hemp can be purchased nationwide. Reliable distributors such as The CBDistillery are one of the companies that offers a large variety of CBD oils, vape products, topical creams, and capsules that can be shipped directly to your front door. Unlike purchasing a product in a store, buying CBD online allows the consumer to read customer testimonials prior to making a buying decision.



Dispensaries are government regulated retail stores, in which a person can purchase cannabis and cannabis-related items for medical or recreational use. Depending on your state’s legislature regarding the use of cannabis products, you may be able to purchase CBD products from one of these local dispensaries. In a medical cannabis dispensary, only patients who have received a medical marijuana card prescribed by their doctor are legally allowed to purchase cannabis products, including CBD oil or other cannabidiol supplements. Unlike medicinal dispensaries, recreational dispensaries are available to customers who are 21 years or older but are only able to sell CBD products containing some levels of THC. For this reason, recreational dispensaries do not sell pure CBD products, like 99% pure CBD isolate powder. This may not be favorable for someone looking to use a CBD product without ingesting THC. However, many consumers prefer to see and interact with any item prior to purchasing which is an advantage to buying CBD oil in a dispensary. Looking for a dispensary near you? Click HERE.

Head Shops & Specialty Retail Stores

In addition to glass shops (head shops), specialty retail stores like nutritional stores or apothecaries carry CBD hemp oil or other hemp-derived products. Similar to dispensaries, these types of stores give customers the opportunity to see the products in person as well as engage with the store associates about how to select the appropriate product for their own personal needs. One potential pitfall of purchasing CBD oil from a store is that the retailer is able to sell whatever kind of product they consider “high quality”. Because of this, there are many stores taking advantage of the high demand for CBD products, and selling oils and other supplements that contain little to no CBD at all. For this reason, it is crucial to read labels and do additional research prior to purchasing CBD extracts from a nutritional store or head shop. Want to find a head shop or specialty store near you? Click HERE.

What is important to consider when purchasing a CBD product?

Some believe that just because you are purchasing a product from a plant, that is must be safe to use. That is not necessarily the case with CBD products. Here are four things to remember when choosing a CBD product that is safe for consumption.

It starts with the plant

The first thing to consider when selecting a product is understanding where the hemp or marijuana plant came from. Contrary to what some may think, cannabis plants grown domestically and internationally can all be safe for consumption. But, it is crucial only to choose products that are sourced from pesticide-free, NON-GMO, plants to avoid ingesting harsh chemicals.

Price does not determine the quality

The FDA recently conducted a series of tests on so-called CBD oils sold on the internet. Despite manufacturer claims, many of these products contained little to no CBD. The best CBD companies are transparent about how much cannabidiol and other cannabinoids you are paying for. These companies will frequently conduct third-party tests on their products and publish the results on their website. Do some additional research on the business you are purchasing from and read their customer reviews. Are people satisfied with the quality of their products?

Not all extraction methods are safe

There are various ways of extracting cannabidiol from a cannabis plant, each with their pros and cons. CO2 and ethanol extraction are two of the most commonly used methods. CO2 extraction, for example, uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to extract, preserve, and maintain the purity of the CBD oil.

While cannabidiol is scientifically proven to be non-psychoactive, CBD products can be produced and sold with levels of THC that can get you high. If this is not your desired effect, it is recommended when selecting a product, to choose only those that have “non-psychoactive” effects.

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