Why is CBD So Popular?

Back in 2014, when the revival of the industrial hemp industry began, CBD generated millions of dollars in sales. Despite many skeptics assuming the consumer-driven interest in hemp-derived CBD products would eventually fade, the global CBD market was valued at nearly $3 billion by the end of 2020. Experts are now predicting an annual growth rate of more than 21% between 2021 and 2028.1

In 2021 alone, the number of licensed hemp growers in the US increased by 27% as numerous adults reported using CBD for the first time.2 Today, consumer demand is so strong that analysts believe the US CBD market could be worth $3 billion by 2023.3 As the popularity of CBD continues to grow in a society known for its relatively short attention span, you might find it interesting to take a look at some of the many reasons CBD is so popular.

How Did the CBD Industry Expand So Quickly? Was CBD A New Discovery?

Although it may seem as if CBD is a relatively recent discovery, the scientific community has been investigating the health and wellness potential of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis components for decades. But even the most well-versed cannabis experts could only speculate how they worked or why they seemed helpful for so many seemingly unrelated concerns. That changed in the early 1990s.

That’s when cannabis researchers identified a previously unknown regulatory system apparently wired to respond to CBD and other cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system (ECS). By the time the federal government approved pilot programs to evaluate how hemp cultivation could benefit American farmers,4 our population seemed quite willing to engage in conversations about the health and wellness potential of non-intoxicating, hemp-derived products.

Why the Growing Interest in Hemp-Derived CBD Products? 

Although most of the evidence supporting the use of hemp-derived CBD is based on lab reports, animal studies, and a handful of clinical trials, the interest in hemp-derived CBD continues to grow. Was the widespread consumer embrace of hemp-derived CBD products inevitable? Possibly.

Some sources seem to suggest that CBD products are popular because there are so many ways for the body to absorb cannabinoids, tinctures, topicals, gummies, and more. Others credit the federal legalization and the resulting increase in product availability. While both are likely to have contributed, there are several other possibilities that might explain the growing interest in hemp-derived health and wellness products.

Consumer Interest in Natural Health and Wellness 

As prescription and over-the-counter medications became widely available, most people assumed treatments manufactured by pharmaceutical companies were safer and more effective than natural remedies. Today’s consumers are a bit more skeptical. Many choose natural alternatives over pharmaceutical options whenever possible. According to the results of a 2019 survey, most respondents asked about natural remedies felt that plant-sourced alternatives were safer to use than prescription medications (74%), more affordable (66%), and easier to obtain (56%).5

Hemp is an Earth-Friendly, Sustainable Crop

CBD is extracted from the stalks, stems, and flowers of industrial hemp crops, a plant that can be grown without damaging the planet. Unlike many other agricultural products, hemp requires significantly less water than other crops harvested for fabrics, textiles, and extracts. Hemp crops are also naturally resistant to pests. That means CBD is sourced from plants that can be grown without the chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that can damage ecosystems and harm the environment.6,7

CBD Is Non-Intoxicating and Non-Addictive 

Many physicians refrain from prescribing certain medications because of the high risk of chemical dependency. Many patients are also reluctant to use them. While searching for holistic treatments or natural alternatives, a considerable number of people are drawn to hemp-derived CBD products because of their impressively low risk of side effects. Others try CBD for the first time after learning that the cannabinoid doesn’t bind with the receptors in the brain linked to intoxication or chemical dependency.8  

Who Are the People Adding CBD to Their Daily Routine? Why Are They Using CBD Products? 

According to The CBD Insider 2021 US CBD Consumer Report, nearly one of every three adults (32.7%) have tried at least one CBD product. The report also shows that more people learn about CBD from family members and friends than any other source (34.4%), and women are just a bit more likely to use CBD than men (53.7% vs 46.1%). Approximately 65% have been using CBD products for at least one year, and 2 of every 5 CBD users are 45 years of age or older.9

A survey conducted on behalf of CBDistillery® shows similar results, with more than 55 percent of survey respondents having tried CBD. Of the remaining participants who haven’t, nearly half (47%) expressed their openness to trying CBD in the future. Although every CBD user is different, our survey respondents report several rather compelling reasons for using their favorite hemp-derived CBD products.


Stress impacts everyone differently. For some, an increase in stress levels causes physical symptoms, frequent headaches, fatigue, or digestive issues. Others report feeling increasingly tense or overwhelmed.10 When stress levels rise, many people turn to wine, alcohol, or comfort foods for short-term relief. Based on the feedback of nearly 2000 survey respondents, 73% prefer CBD over wine for relaxation, 76% over alcohol in general, and most prefer CBD over meditation (82%) and yoga (79%), well-known stress-busting activities.

Better Sleep 

Many people struggle to get the amount of sleep they need to wake feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to start a new day. Some lose precious hours of sleep each week because they have difficulty winding down and drifting off at the end of the day; others wake frequently throughout the night. Based on the results of our internal survey, 9 out of 10 respondents report that CBD helps them sleep better. According to the results of our 2021 sleep study, 72% agreed (somewhat to definitely) that our 600mg Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Oil Tincture outperformed any other sleep aid they’ve previously tried.

Discomfort After Physical Activity

The pain and stiffness many people feel after strenuous physical activity is often caused by microscopic damage to muscle fibers. Although necessary to help build strength and endurance, it can take several days to recover. When a body does not have the time it needs to heal, unresolved inflammation can cause lasting damage. Of the nearly 2000 CBD users responding to our survey, 84% report that CBD helps ease activity-induced pain, stiffness, and inflammation, and ninety percent tell us they prefer CBD over the effects of turmeric, a supplement often used for athletic recovery.11

Mild or Temporary Anxiety 

Your brain is remarkably sensitive to anything in your environment that makes you feel threatened. Your heart rate increases, muscles tense, and breathing shifts in a way that prepares your body to fight or flee. The impact is the same whether the cause of your distress is directly in front of you or anticipated at some point in the future. Based on the feedback of our nearly 2000 CBD users, 89% of our survey participants tell us that CBD helps calm their minds. An impressive 88% also tell us that hemp-derived CBD helps with mild or temporary anxiety.

How Long Does It Take CBD to Work?

CBD works by interacting with the receptors of the regulatory system identified by cannabis researchers decades ago, the endocannabinoid system. As CBD mimics the effects of the cannabinoids produced as needed in your body, the endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG, it helps relay urgent signals to your ECS receptors. The result of that interaction depends on which essential processes regulated by ECS function might be restored to balance (homeostasis) through ECS support.

Although many people report favorable results with their very first serving of CBD, you might need to be patient. Everyone is different. Although it can take time for your system to respond, most of our survey participants report favorable results within 7-14 days of consistent use.

Are You Wondering What Our Popular CBD Products Could Do for You? 

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