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22 bracelets.

High stacking awesomeness. @urbanhollywoodhq #urbanhollywoodhq

All supporting the Lotus Sky Sisters Under One Sky training program.

Remember how we told you last week that we were going to start curating the best bracelets into stacks made by the women who are still in training with our Sisters Under One Sky program for you high collection builders out there?

You were all super excited by the idea, so here is Stack #2!

22 bracelets for your stacking Joy!

The second photo features a shirt made by our friend, @kelseyandthebunnies. We made a custom bracelet last year to celebrate the life of her bunny, Annie. Kelsey is passionate about spreading awareness about rabbit welfare, especially for all those bunnies bought and sold as “Easter bunnies,” then taken to shelters just a few months later when their human caretakers tire of them. We love to support our customers who are making a difference one life at a time and wanted to share our bracelets with Kelsey’s “More than an Easter Bunny” shirt.

High stacking with compassion for all the beautiful creatures of this earth... It’s our goal. 💜

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