Major CBD Company Banned for Selling Contaminated CBD Oil

Within the last couple of years, CBD and various other hemp extracts such as CBG and CBN have exploded into the consumer market. Due to the loosening of laws surrounding hemp extracts, many new CBD companies popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, selling all different kinds, mixtures, and concentrations of CBD oil. Now, after a major CBD company was banned for selling contaminated CBD oil, it’s time to examine the quality of these shady CBD companies.

The Dark Side Of The CBD Industry

When CBD first entered the market, it was incredibly lucrative. This is due to the fact that real, high-quality, lab-tested CBD was hard to come by, and it was acceptable to charge over $300 for a bottle of real CBD!

Scam companies quickly learned how to take advantage of this, and began charging incredibly low prices (as low as $10) for a bottle of “CBD” – but the only real ingredient in those bottles were lies… snake oil at its finest.

Now, we have only a few major CBD brands left, but some of these major (and “trustworthy” companies) still operate with the same shady business model as before. Now, Curaleaf, a “top-trusted” brand, has been suspended from selling CBD for close to a month due to a contaminated batch of CBD that was never lab-tested and certified before going to customers.

Curaleaf Suspended, Customers Left In Shock

Major CBD companies with large amounts of financial backing will blatantly lie to consumers about what is in their products, and will not provide labels with ingredients or third-party lab test results. This can lead to people failing drug tests, becoming ill, and in some cases, such as with Curaleaf, hospitalization. 

Just last week, one of the largest hemp companies in the country, Curaleaf, was fined $130,000 and given a 23-day suspension because they had shipped out over 1,500 bottles of what users thought was standard CBD oil. As it turns out, this oil was completely contaminated with incredibly high amounts of THC. This type of quality control error is unforgivable and companies like Curaleaf, who are primarily driven by stock price and financial gain, should be suspended indefinitely for such a mistake.

This laboratory failure resulted in customers receiving extremely high doses of THC that caused over 5 different hospitalizations. These types of mistakes cannot continue to happen, as more and more people are beginning to trust CBD as a real, all-natural remedy for their stress and anxiety – this will only tarnish the view of the industry and set back years of hard work.

Big pharmaceutical companies are going to jump at any chance they can to demonize CBD as an awful product because they want to continue pushing harmful and overpriced pharmaceuticals into the hands of Americans. 

Stay Safe & Check For Third-Party Testing 

When purchasing from a company that sells CBD, CBG, CBN, or any other hemp extract, always check for third-party testing. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company is – third-party testing keeps the company honest and you safe. 

USA Medical laboratory tests and certifies all available products through multiple independent third-party testing labs for potency, safety, and purity. These results are made publicly available on our website for whoever is interested in purchasing to feel safe and secure, knowing they are receiving a premium product from USA Medical. 

We’re the company that’s honest with you. Transparency and customer safety are two of USA Medical’s most important beliefs, and we will continue to stand by those beliefs to ensure that our customers are safe, happy, and most importantly, free from stress, anxiety, and pain.

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