Tibetan Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusion | White Tiger | Formula for Neurodegenerative and Arthritic-Related Disorders and Diseases

Jampha is ecstatic to introduce it's second Tibetan S.E.T.I. offering called White Tiger! It represents Jampha’s unique application of combining the powerful entourage effect that occurs within our formulas that target specific health conditions. Jampha is experienced with ancient traditional uses in ethnobotanical medicines and current plant science to deliver an active chi-charged plant medicine with the vibrancy of live plant chi that our body can readily understand and be empowered and healed by.

The White Tiger formula was created to secure an advanced treatment for neurodegenerative, arthritic related disorders and diseases and works to unblock, clear and empower the body’s meridians and channels, as well as to increase the distribution of vital chi throughout all neural and muscular networks and systems of the body.

Jampha's medicinal formulator, Amchi Thubten, found and applied valuable research from both the Tibetan Gyud Zhi and The Blue Beryl-(Blue Sapphire) treatises, and from the Chinese formularies Neijing & Yellow Emperor's Treatises in the creation of this very special White Tiger infusion.

Over time, the persistent barrage of everyday stresses, lifestyle and diet can damage and cause obstruction within our body systems, nerves, meridians and channels. They can become clogged, corrupted, congested, polluted, and even diverted. These conditions cause inflammation and pain in the muscles, joints and nerves channels, giving rise to a plethora of degenerative conditions.

The good news is that White Tiger is an advanced new option for turning this degenerative trajectory into a regenerating trajectory through it’s skillful formulation, and suggested lifestyle and diet modifications.

Action & Use

The function of this formula is to remove the degenerative etiologies that create polyarthritic conditions (five or more joints afflicted with pain), MS, degenerative joint disease and many more conditions listed below. It is also a tonic delivering energy and regeneration to muscle, tissue, tendon and bone health. Additionally, it strengthens the sinews and bones, relaxes the tendons and sinews, opens the body’s channels, and nourishes and supports the health of blood, heart, kidneys, liver and spleen.

White Tiger is designed to be effective for a number of conditions that include:


White Tiger's Entourage

The Botanicals: Achyranthes Bidentata RootAngelica Pubescens RootAstragalus Membranaceus RootBoswellia Carterii ResinCentella Asiatica HerbCervus Elaphus Antler GelatinCinnamomum Cassia BarkCitrus Reticulata PeelCodonopsis Pilosula RootCommiphora Myrrha ResinCorydalis RhizomeCurcuma Longa RhizomeDipsacus Asper RootDragon’s BloodEucommia Ulmoides BarkGentiana Macrophylla RootLiquidambar Formosana FruitLovage RhizomeLycopodium Japonicum HerbPaeonia Lactiflora RootPanax Ginseng RootPolygala Tenuifolia RootPoria Cocos SclerotiumRehmannia Glutinosa Root-PrepRosa Laevigata FruitSalvia Miltiorrhiza RootSiegesbeckia Orientalis HerbSpatholobus Suberectus StemTaxillus Chinensis Stem & LeafZingiber Officinale Rhizome-FreshZiziphus Jujuba Fruit

The Terpene Profile

(See Terpenes 101 and our Borneol Blog for more information on each terpene)

A-pinene, B-pinene, B-Caryophyllene, Borneol, Delta 3-Carene, G-Terpinene, Geraniol, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Terpinolene.

The Cannabinoid Profile

(See our 8/5/2020 blog for more information)

Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN).

Disclaimer Notice: Because Tibetan treatments, therapies and medicine are not yet recognized,  licensed, or regulated by the AMA or FDA or any US agency. This document is not to be construed as a diagnostic tool and/or that of prescribing medicines or therapies, it is for informational support only.

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