Understanding the Entourage Effect, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids

CBD has received a significant amount of attention during the past few years because of its ability to help with a wide variety of medical issues. One of the reasons why cannabis is so popular is because of the entourage effect. This is the term used to describe the power of the plant when it is taken in its entirety instead of separated into its individual parts. A lot of this effect comes from the power of terpenes.

An Overview of Terpenes:

Terpenes are responsible for the scent of individual plants. For example, when you smoke cannabis, you smell terpene. Even though terpenes are responsible for the scent and taste of a plant, they are also responsible for a lot of its effects.

For example, they can support other types of cannabis compounds and enhance their effects when you take the plant. Even though a lot of people are focused on CBD and THC, cannabis contains hundreds of different molecules that all have the ability to interact differently with our minds and bodies. Terpenes bind to individual receptors, leading to different experiences.

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect:

The cannabis plant itself has hundreds of terpenes. They are present in different concentrations in different plants, which is why different types of plants can lead to different effects. Terpenes can dissipate in the air easily, which is why many cannabis plants are more powerful when they are smoked or vaporized.

When these terpenes work together in the human body, they can produce something called the entourage effect. Cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, leading to different effects.

When terpenes and cannabinoids work together, they can enhance the impacts of one another, changing our experience. This is the entourage effect. For example, there are multiple cannabis compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. Terpenes could increase our ability to absorb these and hand planetary molecules, increasing the effects of individual cannabinoids. This could be the reason why certain types of cannabis can be effective in the treatment of chronic pain. This is also the reason why THC and CBD can work together to reduce paranoia and anxiety even though THC could lead to anxiety when taken alone in large doses.

Every Compound Matters:

Ultimately, the entourage effect means that the power of all of these compounds is greater when they are taken together instead of separately. Even minor cannabinoids and terpenoids can play an important role. Because different types of cannabis have different cannabinoids and terpenoids present in different concentrations, the effects of each individual plant can be different.

These compounds are not that different from an orchestra. Even though the individual instruments in an orchestra can still sound pretty, an orchestra is much better when everyone is playing the same musical piece together. That is why minor terpenes and cannabinoids still play an important role. To embrace the true power of the entourage effect, it is important to give every compound the opportunity to play its role and exert its effects.

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Disclaimer Notice: 
Because Tibetan treatments, therapies and medicine are not yet recognized, licensed, or regulated by the AMA or FDA or any US agency. This document is not to be construed as a diagnostic tool and/or that of prescribing medicines or therapies, it is for informational support only. Consult your doctor before taking any medications.
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